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Elections Action Center

Elections Action Center

2014 Elections

Welcome to CUNA's Election Action Center! With so much at stake for credit unions in Washington and in state capitals, it is critical that credit union professionals, volunteers and members speak out to ensure that candidates who understand the credit union difference are elected. With that in mind, we've prepared a variety of materials and links to help you register to vote, request an early vote ballot, mobilize credit union members, and activate on behalf of pro-credit union candidates in the upcoming 2014 elections.

Over 42% of all registered voters belong to a credit union. How many will vote in the next election? If credit unions don't vote, we cannot expect our voice to be heard on Capitol Hill or in the state house. Make your voice heard!

2012 Elections: CULAC Candidate Support Map


Looking for information on how to financially support pro-credit union candidates? Click here

Many states now allow early voting, along with absentee voting. By clicking here you can learn about the early & absentee voting opportunities in your state. You can even fill out the paperwork required by your state to receive your early/absentee voting ballot. Then all you have to do is VOTE!

Other Voting Questions

To check if you're already registered, where your polling place is, or any other voting questions you may have, click here.

CUNA Political Activities Fund (PAF)


2012 National Party Conventions Leave Behind Project

Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Materials

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