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Entry Form Desjardins Financial Education Award for State Government Policymakers

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Entry Form DESJARDINS FINANCIAL Education Award for State Government Policymakers

State Lawmaker's Name: _________________________________________
Credit Union League: _________________________________________
League Contact Person: _________________________________________
Title: _________________________________________
E-mail Address: _________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________
City: _________________________________________
State: _________________________________________
Zip: _________________________________________
Phone Number: _________________________________________
Fax Number: _________________________________________
  • Please include a copy of legislation or other documents showing the state policymaker’s support for financial education.
  • Please include examples of the policymaker's commitment to financial education. For example, media articles, floor statements, community outreach addressing financial education, description of policymakers' efforts to enact policies and/or a description of the policymaker’s on-going efforts to promote financial education.

Submit this completed entry form with evidentiary materials to CUNA's State Governmental Affairs Department. Entries and materials may also be scanned and emailed to sroulhac@cuna.coop. If you prefer to email the entry form and materials please contact Shelton Roulhac before sending.

Shelton Roulhac
Manager, State Information & Research
601 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
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