Comment Letters

Your comments are put into action in these letters sent by CUNA in response to regulatory proposals.

Listed below are all pending regulations for which CUNA has published a 2014 Comment Letter, regardless of current status. The listed date is the most relevant date for the status that the regulation is in: it could be the CUNA or agency due date, a Comment Letter publish date, or a Final Rule effective date, depending on whether the regulation is currently in the Call, Letter, or Analysis status.

Pending Changes can be sorted by any column in the green bar (Issue, Date, Agency, or Current Status), ascending or descending. For Comment Letters, a current status of "Closed" indicates the Letter has been sent to the agency. All current entries are from 2014, use the "Archive" link at lower left for earlier items.

Issue Date Agency Current Status
Consumer Complaint Database 05/26/2015 CFPB Closed
Credit Card Market Review 05/18/2015 CFPB Closed
EGRPRA Regulatory Review (excludes NCUA) 05/13/2015 Fed Closed
Three-Year Review of the Private Company Council 05/07/2015 FASB Closed
Small Entity Definition 05/04/2015 NCUA Closed
Fixed Assets 04/29/2015 NCUA Closed
NCUA's Risk Based Capital Proposal 04/17/2015 NCUA Closed
Rural And Underserved Proposal 03/30/2015 CFPB Closed
Safe Student Account Scorecard 03/30/2015 CFPB Closed
Capital Planning and Stress Testing – Schedule Shift 03/27/2015 NCUA Closed
Prepaid Accounts 03/23/2015 CFPB Closed
NCUA's Economic Growth and Regulatory Paperwork Reduction Act (EGRPRA) Regulatory Review 03/19/2015 NCUA Closed
Amendments to the 2013 Mortgage Rules under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Regulation X) and the Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z) 03/16/2015 CFPB Closed
Submission of Credit Card Agreements under the Truth in Lending Act 03/06/2015 CFPB Closed
Same Day ACH Proposal 02/06/2015 NACHA Closed
Removal of 36-Month Non-Payment Testing Period Rule 01/13/2015 IRS Closed
Proposed Regulation on Federal Home Loan Bank Membership 01/12/2015 FHFA Closed
Proposed Corporate Credit Unions Rule 01/05/2015 NCUA Closed
Proposed Interagency Flood Insurance Rule 12/24/2014 NCUA Closed
Military Lending Act Proposal 12/22/2014 Other Closed

Status Key

  • OPEN = CUNA seeking input to prepare comment to agency
  • CLOSED = CUNA comment filed, agency comment period closed
  • FINAL = Agency has issued final ruling