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National Youth Saving Challenge - Steps to Participate

  1. Set 3 goals and register.
    • Number of members under age 18 you expect to make deposits
    • Number of new accounts you hope to open
    • Total amount you expect youth to deposit during April.
  2. Post rules on your credit union's website.
  3. Find a mentor.
  4. Promote the Saving Challenge to youth and parents.
  5. Track new youth accounts and deposits.
    • Select one person to coordinate tracking deposits.
    • If tracking cannot be done electronically in weekly or end-of-month reports, have each child (with parental permission) complete a registration slip to be deposited in a central location. Use these slips to tally deposits; you do not need to send them to CUNA.
  6. Report your results.
    • Return to this site to report your results by noon (CT) on May 14, 2014.
    • Only credit unions reporting actual totals are eligible for the $100 prize drawings.
    • Announce results using a press release. Distribute to local press, and publish results on your website and in your newsletter. Send results to your sponsor groups.
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