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National Youth Saving Challenge Mentors

Hosting a successful Saving Challenge is rewarding when you know what you're doing.

The friendly folks below have all been through it many times and have volunteered to share their success stories and answer your questions. These mentors are eager to coach you through setting goals, planning, promoting, and reporting. 


Carla Swift
805-543-1816, ext. 204
SESLOC Federal Credit Union

Top tips for a successful Saving Challenge:

  1. Make it fun for staff as well as the kids. Kids should grow up and remember how much fun it was to go to the credit union.
  2. Find any excuse to give kids small gifts (washable tattoos are great). Prizes can be inexpensive. Giving away cash can be tedious because it can get hard to reach recipients. If they fail to come in and pick up a small gift, no worries.
  3. Publish your results in the annual report and newsletter so those who missed it know what they missed.


Karen Tegeler
800-475-1331, ext. 8584
DuTrac Community Credit Union

Top reasons to join the Saving Challenge:

  1. To help parents teach their child(ren) about the value of saving.
  2. To begin children on a journey that will take them far beyond the limits of a traditional savings account.

New York

Jean Tatar
St. Pius X FCU

Top reason to join the Saving Challenge: It's a fun way to teach kids to save!


Rachel Carrick
800-342-3086, ext. 1352
Ascend Federal Credit Union

Top tips for a successful Saving Challenge:

  1. Have a strategy that considers several parameters such as the total year-end goal and the goals and results from previous years if available. If successful the previous year, we increase the goal set by 15 to 20 percent.
  2. Use giveaways and well-rounded communications to promote the month of April. We promoted youth month via direct mail, radio, email, statement insert, website, and multimedia screens in our financial centers.


Joelle Hahn
703-709-8900, ext. 6605
Northwest Federal Credit Union

Top tips for a successful Saving Challenge:

  1. Offer a reward for the deposit. We have a lot of success encouraging deposits by advertising a simple giveaway. We turn to the products provided by CUNA first (much of the work is already done for you this way), and we informally survey some staff to make sure the stuff we purchase is cool before we buy.
  2. Invite the kids via direct mail. Kids still love getting mail, and a postcard is a cost-effective way to get their attention. On the postcard, we often include a photo of the actual giveaway items they'll receive when they make a deposit.
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