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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Your members may actually be in a better position than you are to read the atmosphere in your credit union. They see the level of employee satisfaction up close and face-to-face.

With the Custom Research Employee Survey you can discover the attitudes your employees have about their jobs and what their needs are. You can use that information to improve the way your staff works together, enhance the image they project, and increase the level of service you deliver to members.


  • Real motivators behind your employees' performance, attendance, longevity and more
  • Employees' attitudes on a variety of factors that affect their job performance
  • 14 different facets of employee satisfaction, including your communication systems, teamwork, management practices, service quality, and more
  • Comparison of your employees' satisfaction scores to those of other credit union employee groups we have surveyed

CUNA will work with you to administer an accurate, cost-effective, comprehensive survey that meets your needs. Open-end questions allow you to explore special areas of concern. Custom demographic questions allow you to measure satisfaction within employee subgroups. Employee satisfaction has the potential to dramatically affect the motivation and behavior of individuals and work groups.

Denise Hagen

Since 2002, we've used CUNA's Employee Satisfaction Survey to measure our employee satisfaction...

Denise Hagen, SPHR
VP/Human Resources and Training
Washington State Employees Credit Union

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