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Semi-Customized Member Surveys

CUNA Research offers semi-customized surveys that allow you to customize some parts of a pre- designed questionnaire and add some unique questions of your own, all at a lower cost than our fully customized member survey products.


  • Credit union image (e.g., hours, location, staff service)
  • Use of services at the credit union and elsewhere
  • Market shares
  • Members' "loyalty" to the credit union
  • Reasons for borrowing elsewhere
  • The extent to which members save elsewhere
  • Members' primary financial institution
  • Improvements that members would like to see made at the CU

Plus, we provide a limited amount of space where we will add some unique questions you have interest in. Many clients have asked about potential new services, use of PCs, and so forth, in this space. You are not limited to this - just tell us what you're interested in and we'll design questions for you.

CUNA collects the information necessary to help you document your credit union's strengths and weaknesses and give you future direction. Using our various databases, we make comparisons between your credit union and other credit unions to show you how well your credit union is doing. We also provide an easy-to-follow worksheet to help you plan and identify areas you might want to concentrate on.

Superior Research Procedures. These projects are conducted using the same stringent research procedures used in our customized survey projects that improve and ensure the reliability of your survey results. We send multiple mailings because we know that members who have strong financial ties elsewhere need more prompting to respond. It is important to hear from these members. We typically record response rates of about 20%-25% considerably higher than our competitors obtain, especially those that do just one mailing.

We also "weight" your data because we've found that some groups are more likely than others to respond to surveys, and unless we take special steps (i.e., weighting) these members could "carry" the results in misleading directions. These two procedures add reliability to your results.

With CUNA Research, you'll get friendly, professional, and responsive service from staff who are experts in both survey research and credit union issues.

And your final deliverable will be concise, user-friendly, and always delivered on time.

Prices You Can Afford. There are two semi-customized surveys to choose from: a two-page questionnaire and a three-page questionnaire. The prices vary depending on the sample size, and whether you choose to receive a PowerPoint or written report as your final deliverable."

All our prices include postage and printing. There are no hidden costs and no additional "start-up" fees.


  • CUNA Research delivers benchmarking and now, target-marketing capabilities.
  • CUNA will identify the best target markets for promoting your specific services. Using this information and your marketing customer information file, your credit union can realize tremendous cost savings, improved marketing efficiency, increased service usage and an improved "bottom line."
  • Benchmarking to our national database of credit unions.
  • Demographic profiles of service users.
  • At your discretion, you can append our target-marketing information to your marketing customer information file.
  • Two-wave mailings: Improving the accuracy and reliability of your survey results

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