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Market Research

CUNA gives credit unions the power of quality, custom market research to help make strategic decisions with confidence. With extensive insight into credit unions and their members, CUNA enhances your result analysis with industry benchmarking, best target identification and demographic profiling of service users.

Drive Strategy for Your Credit Union

Gain strategic perspective and attract more members to your credit union, while persuading your existing members to use more of your services.

Customized Member Surveys
Tailored survey of your members to meet any specific need you have.

Semi-Customized Member Surveys
Customize some parts of a pre-designed questionnaire at a lower cost than fully customized.

Snapshot Surveys
CUNA's low-cost, one-page legal-sized member survey designed to help you gain valuable member feedback to guide your marketing and strategic planning efforts.

Non-Member Surveys 
Whether your credit union has recently received a community charter or has had one for some time, this survey will be a valuable tool.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Improve the way your staff works together, enhance your credit union's brand image and increase the level of service you deliver to members.

Employee Engagement Surveys
Gain an in depth look at employee satisfaction with a focus on loyalty and engagement to the credit union.

League Compensation Surveys
Provide valuable salary information for the credit unions affiliated with your league, giving them a more local picture of compensation in their state region.

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