CREDITUNION Top Level Domain Information

In 2013, CUNA (with generous assistance from CUNA Mutual and COOP Financial Services) submitted an application for a “.creditunion” top level domain. Top level domains are the designations added to the right side of website addresses, like “.com,” “.org” and “.coop.” CUNA is in the last stages of securing the necessary approvals, and we expect the domain to be ready to go live by early 2016.

Thousands of top level domains are about to come online, such as “.bank,” ”.insure,” “.AIG,” “.Chevy,” and “.doctor.” This could fundamentally change the way people find things on the Internet. In this regard, the “.creditunion” domain may provide enhanced opportunities for credit unions to market products and services to their members and local communities.

Recently, the ".creditunion" domain has been approved to use. In the coming months, we will be sending out communications regarding this topic. If you would like to receive updates on the ".creditunion" domain initiative, please fill out the form below:

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