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Bank fees dominate Top 10 INews NowI stories for October
MADISON, Wis. (11/2/11)--Media reports on credit unions as alternatives to banks that charge debit-card fees dominated the Top 10 list of most-read News Now articles for October.

Here is a list of the top 10 most-visited stories for the month:

10. ABC News: Bank Transfer Day gains momentum

MADISON, Wis. (10/20/11)--ABC News and other media outlets nationwide are reporting on Bank Transfer Day momentum, in which people are signing up to leave large banks in favor of credit unions on or before Saturday, Nov. 5.

9. Facebook: Bank Transfer Day generates pro-CU comments

MADISON, Wis. (10/11/11)--The Facebook page for Bank Transfer Day, Nov. 5, is garnering many comments that are favorable to credit unions.

8. Cheney says fees highlight CU difference, on Fox Biz Network

WASHINGTON (10/3/11)--As Fox Business Network's Gerri Willis interviewed Credit Union National Association (CUNA) President/CEO Bill Cheney and a banking consultant about debit card fees that large banks are starting to charge, Cheney explained how the credit union difference makes the financial cooperatives a better deal for consumers than profit-driven banks.

7. Durbin letter calls CUs, small banks 'superior'

WASHINGTON (10/5/11)--With the public backlash against the debit account actions of Bank of America and other large institutions continuing to grow, interchange rule author U.S. Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) said "now is the moment" for credit unions and other small institutions to make the superior benefits and customer service offered by their institutions "crystal clear" to these consumers.

6. Small CUs may be regulated out of business, CEO warns

WASHINGTON (10/5/11)--Wright-Patt FCU President/CEO Doug Fecher on Tuesday said burdensome regulations are a central challenge to his credit union's pro-consumer work, adding that it is "not an exaggeration to say our nation's small, community-based financial institutions are exposed to a situation where they ultimately may be regulated out of business."

5. CUs reach out with no-debit-fee promos

MADISON, Wis. (10/7/11)--Banks' new debit card fees have become the last straw for many outraged consumers. Credit unions are jumping at the opportunity to let consumers know they can get a better deal at credit unions through a variety of no-fee promotions and anti-fee advertisements.

4. N.Y. Times, 117 media outlets spotlight CUs, no fees

MADISON, Wis. (10/11/11)--The groundswell of attention to credit unions as the no-fee choice for debit cards continues, with Associated Press spotlighting their efforts. As of Friday afternoon, the AP item had been repeated in 117 publications and websites--including The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times (Oct. 7).

3. Nat'l media intensify reports on CUs' debit-fee relief

MADISON, Wis. (10/4/11)--Credit unions made an impact last weekend and yesterday among national media reporting on consumer backlash from debit card-fee hikes by large banks seeking revenue after limits were imposed on debit interchange by the Dodd-Frank Act . The media--including ABC's "Good Morning America," The New York Times, National Public Radio and Yahoo! Finance--told consumers to consider switching to a credit union.

2. Matz: NCUA will review TDR standards

WASHINGTON (10/7/11)--The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) strongly supports a plan announced by the National Credit Union Administration to review its Troubled Debt Restructuring (TDR) policy, and has been raising TDR-related issues in meetings with agency staff, CUNA Deputy General Counsel Mary Dunn noted Thursday.

1.Cheney on CNBC: Bank backlash leads to growing CU membership

WASHINGTON (10/18/11)--Credit unions, and their new members, are poised to benefit as more and more Americans become fed up with their banks, Credit Union National Association President/CEO Bill Cheney said during a Monday interview on CNBC's Squawk Box.


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