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CU System briefs (10/02/2008)
* HARRISBURG, Pa. (10/3/08)--Mid-Atlantic Corporate FCU President/CEO Jay Murray represented credit unions Thursday at a Pennsylvania House Commerce Committee meeting on how the economic and banking crisis and bailout rejection will impact Pennsylvanians (Life is a Highway Oct. 2). Murray explained the corporate provides liquidity to the state's credit unions and that credit unions are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to the same extent as banks. Credit unions have reached out to members in assuring them their deposits are insured, he said. In discussing the need to address issues on how to prevent the crisis from happening again, Murray said, "Right now, it is crucial that confidence is kept with consumers and we don't cause anymore disruption in the system." He reiterated he had confidence in credit unions and that consumers should feel safe to have their funds deposited in them. (Photo provided by the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association) … * MADISON, Wis. (10/3/08)--The University of Wisconsin CU (UW CU) has pledged $600,000 to needs-based scholarships across all the campuses it serves. An outright pledge of $300,000 will be gifted and the additional $300,000 is part of a member-match initiative. YW CU is offering to match donations to UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Green Bay, UW-Stevens Point, UW-Whitewater and Madison Area Technical College. Also, the University of Wisconsin Foundation will match any gifts to the UW-Madison fund, multiplying the donation by four. The initiative will run through the end of December. "Statistics show that from 2000 to 2005, tuition has increased nearly 28%," said UW CU President Paul Kundert. "We hope that our members and our community will see that together, we can provide the opportunity for anyone to succeed and graduate from one of the top universities in the world." …

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For the last 75 years, even in the most difficult of times, Mill Town #CU has been there for the community it serves. Read #NewsNow Tues.
17 minutes ago
The 1st vid shows how consumer can become victim and, advice to those who think they've been targeted.
4 hours ago
.@TheNCUA has released two videos designed to raise awareness of elder financial abuse.
4 hours ago
Celebrate #100MM with @MDDCCUA1 at Orioles v Blue Jays tonight at Camden Yards
4 hours ago
The At Home In Lawrence mortgage program from @MetroCU is designed to help revitalize Lawrence, Mass.
5 hours ago