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Leagues touting accomplishments via videos
MADISON, Wis. (12/18/09)--Some leagues are trying out the video route to inform their credit unions about their accomplishments in 2009 or present holiday wishes to their affiliates. Virginia Credit Union League President Rick Pillow offered a video overview of the league's 2009 accomplishments on to close the league's 75th anniversary and to thank the state's credit unions for their support "during this eventful, but productive year." In it, Pillow reviews a number of the league's political action initiatives, noting that the league "had one of the best election seasons on record, with fully 87% of the candidates we supported retaining or winning their legislative seats." Credit unions and the league also:
* Defeated two bills in the General Assembly, one that would have fined credit union employees in certain fraud cases and one that would hamper small credit unions' ability to offer mortgages; * Crafted revised bylaws for state chartered credit unions and provided critical resources on a "a long list of new and revised regulations"; * Launched the Credit Unions Care Foundation of Virginia to champion community service work; and * Donated its first million dollars to Children's Miracle Network and its hospitals in the state.
"Who can say what the new decade will hold for credit unions?" Pillow asks. "What we can say, with absolute certainty, is that we'll be better able to face what comes by continuing to do what we've always done: work together for the good of our members and the credit union movement." For the full video, use the link. In another state, Texas Credit Union League President Dick Ensweiler and his wife Judy presented holiday wishes to credit unions via a video on the league's website. "As the year winds down, we reflect back, and what a year it was," says Ensweiler, "from the mess on Wall Street, to the housing bust, to all the complications that brought to the credit union movement, we had a lot to deal with." But, he noted, "credit unions are strong." On the state level, Ensweiler said the state's Credit Union Department has been extended another 12 years as a semi-independent, self-directed agency. "Credit unions are adjusting to a new era, a new way of doing business," he noted, adding he is confident in the future of credit unions. To access that video, use the link.
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