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Storms wake Midwest CUs reopen Northeast digs out
MADISON, Wis. (2/4/11)--Most credit unions and leagues in the West and Midwest were back to work Thursday after weathering this week's deep snow, ice storms and teeth chattering temperatures. Credit unions and leagues in the Northeast were at work Wednesday and Thursday, despite icy conditions and up to a foot of snow in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Wednesday "was messy but things are back to normal today," said Rob Kimmett, senior vice president of marketing and public relations at the Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island Credit Union Leagues. "This time the snow turned to sleet and freezing rain halfway through, so we didn't get the monster accumulations," he said Thursday, adding the Boston area received "only about 10 inches or so." "New Hampshire got the volume, because the storm was all snow there, but it ended Wednesday and was cleaned up for the morning commute," Kimmett told News Now Thursday. "Right now the area is dealing with too much snow on the side of the roads and on roof tops from our non-stop parade of snow storms. Fortunately, there are no reports of credit unions suffering any damage to their roofs from too much snow," Kimmett said. More than a foot of snow was recorded in parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with several other states close behind, reported the National Weather Service (The New York Times Feb. 3). It had to upgrade its website to handle the traffic of 20 million hits per hour. Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses were left without power, especially in Ohio and Pennsylvania. In the Midwest, credit unions and leagues closed early on Tuesday and some stayed closed Wednesday. The storm closed the Credit Union National Association's Madison, Wis., offices early Tuesday and on Wednesday. The offices were open on Thursday. In Pennsylvania, snow varied across the state, said Janet Johnson, communications specialist at the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association (PCUA). There were no reports from credit unions of storm-related incidents. Some credit unions in the eastern part of the state had delayed openings Wednesday. PCUA is located in Harrisburg, which had a "good coating of ice overnight." However, temperatures rose early Wednesday morning and the roads were cleared. "The biggest problem in some areas was power outages, but I didn't hear of any credit unions being directly affected," said Johnson. Most schools were closed Wednesday. In Albany, N.Y., the Credit Union Association of New York was open Wednesday and Thursday, said Bonnie Sklar, public relations coordinator. "Our storm was not as bad as originally predicted. We had about six-eight inches of snow on Tuesday and around the same Wednesday." The snow turned to sleet, which reduced the snow predictions there. Some credit unions in the state may have closed based on the higher snow predictions but none reported closing or having problems, she said. The Maine Credit Union League reported the league and its credit unions were open Thursday. Jon Paradise, governmental and public affairs manager, said the state got between 10 and 14 inches of snow, depending on location. The Credit Union League of Connecticut was open Thursday and had not heard of any credit unions in the state closing. Snow varied from four inches to about eight inches. "Connecticut experienced icy rain and sleet, which made driving extremely hazardous," Ed Zagorski, director of communications, said. There were numerous incidents throughout the state of roofs caving in due to the weight of the ice on top of already large amounts of snow. Luckily no credit unions have been affected." "As far as we know, it's over," he said. "But, another storm will hit Connecticut on Saturday."


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