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CUNA Mutual announces 2010 CU Protection webinars
MADISON, Wis. (12/7/09)--CUNA Mutual announced its 2010 Credit Union Protection Webinar Series to address topics ranging from management liability and emerging technologies to robbery and mortgage fraud. “Our webinars are designed by risk management experts to help credit unions address the most costly, common and emerging risks in the industry,” said Chad Nitschke, vice president of Credit Union Protection. “The webinars are free to our policyholders as part of our commitment to providing protection that reaches beyond an insurance policy. Each webinar is 60 minutes. Webinars include:
* Covering Your Assets, Jan. 20. Attendees will learn what critical steps each director and officer can take to protect their personal assets from a claim. * Wire/Automated Clearinghouse Transfer Fraud, Feb. 10. The webinar will identify the latest automated clearinghouse (ACH) and wire transfer fraud warning signs and how to implement loss mitigation techniques to protect credit unions and members. Included will be an overview of the regulations that govern wire and ACH transfer transactions and how liability is assigned. * Robbery (and Other Unsafe Situations), March 10. The webinar will illustrate unsafe situations and how to avoid them with practical tips and techniques involving lighting, visibility, building and lobby design, ATM locations, staff training and alarms. * Employment Practices: Laws & Litigation, April 21. The economy and recent legislative changes have spawned a record number of employment discrimination charges. Management decisions, including staff reductions, benefits changes and hiring new employees are fueling litigation. Participants will learn how to minimize costly third-party liability lawsuits. * Dealing with Social Networking Risks, May 19. Attendees will learn processes regarding social networking risk aversion and how to design effective social networking policies. * Minimizing Mortgage Fraud, June 23. A 2009 report by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network indicated mortgage fraud reached an all-time high in 2008 with more than 64,000 reported incidents and a 23% increase in the number of mortgage fraud reports filed. This session will share best practices to help manage mortgage fraud losses and identify ways to minimize fraudulent activity that goes undetected. * Managing Your Uninsurable Risks, Aug. 11. The session will discuss key uninsurable risks and loss reduction techniques. * Spam, Shams & Other Scams ... The Sequel! Sept. 15. Updated by popular demand, this session discusses the most current fraud trends in the credit union marketplace, with real-life examples of how credit unions have been impacted by frauds and scams and steps to avoid being a victim. * Emerging Technologies = Emerging Risk, Oct. 20. Participants will hear about the exposures and potential pitfalls of new member services, such as teller kiosks, mobile banking, remote deposit capture and electronic signature. Also discussed: methods to balance the benefits these new technologies bring with the inherent risks that accompany them. * Lender Liability, Nov. 17. This session will illustrate typical case law allegations, including negligence and breach of fiduciary duty, and how to protect credit unions from these exposures. Participants will hear the basics of repossessions and foreclosures, ways to minimize lender liability losses and how insurance can protect credit unions.
In 2009, CUNA Mutual hosted 10 webinars, attended by more than 2,700 credit union professionals.
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