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Fixing your finances: International Credit Union Day can mean special events for members10/20/2016First Capital Federal Credit Union Member Service Representative Kelsey Bistline explains the meaning of International Credit Union Day. ICU Day, which is celebrated on the third Thursday of October every year, highlights the credit union movement by thanking its more than 100 million members. “Credit unions are a member owned organization; without our members we wouldn't exist,” explains Bistline.

6 reasons to visit your credit union on October 2010/19/2016International Credit Union Day is a great opportunity to visit your local credit union and discover banking done better. Make sure you stop by your nearest credit union to see what special offers are available for current and prospective members!   

Credit unions provide complimentary lunches Thursday in Sioux Falls10/17/2016The Sioux Valley Chapter of Credit Unions treats residents to lunch as part of International Credit Union Day. The complimentary lunch was held to raise awareness about ICU Day and the authentic difference that makes credit unions so special and unique.

Consider these four factors when comparing banks and credit unions10/16/2016Thinking about moving your money to a different financial institution? Consider joining a credit union, the single largest banking alternative available to Americans. Credit unions are founded on the principle of 'people helping people' where members always come first. Thanks to their not-for-profit structure, credit unions are able to return earnings back to their members in the form of lower fees and higher savings interests - banks can't compete with that! 

MSU credit union CEO wins Free Press Top Workplaces Leadership Award10/16/2016Michigan State University Federal Credit Union President/CEO April Clobes will receive the 2016 Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces Leadership Award. Clobes was voted by her staff, who gave her the highest marks out of all other applicants. As President/CEO, Clobes makes a point to meet with new employees, host all staff meetings every month, and even has a blog called 'Ask April' where staff can ask her any questions they may have. “I'm passionate about what we do. I'm dedicated to the place - and I think people see that,” explained Clobes.

Cashing in: Dan teaches Mike about banks vs credit unions10/14/2016Ardent Credit Union teaches Good Day Philadelphia co-host Mike Jerrick the difference between a bank and a credit union. While both financial institutions offer similar financial services, credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions that exist to serve their members in the form of better rates, lower fees, and higher earnings on savings. 

CCUA Interviews: CCUA President/CEO Paul Gentile discusses industry issues, trends, and giving back10/12/2016CU Broadcast discusses credit union awareness with Cooperative Credit Union Association President/CEO Paul Gentile. The theme for the association's 2016 annual meeting is 'Better Values/Better Banking' which is from their consumer awareness campaign launched in 2015. “Better values really describes credit unions. Value as in not-for-profit financial cooperative - that's a value. Also, value as in better rates and lower fees. We're credit unions we give value back,” explained Gentile.

Credit unions are achieving major milestones and experiencing unprecedented growth10/12/2016According to the Louisiana Credit Union League, more than 1.2 million state residents are credit union members. Louisiana credit unions have experienced a 56% increase in membership since 1991 and surpassed $10 billion in total assets. “If you look at trends over the last 24 years, credit unions are growing. They're getting bigger. Awareness is the biggest thing,” explained Louisiana Credit Union League Vice President of Communications Lacey Hyer Weaver.

New savings raffles entice more Minnesotans to save10/09/2016Credit union members win big by participating in the WINcentive Savings Program. The program encourages members to open and deposit money into a savings account for a chance to win a monetary prize. “It teaches people to put a little aside every money to create that savings habit. Even if they don't win any of the drawings, they've still won because they've created a new eff or an emergency savings account,” said Andrea Molnau, spokeswoman for the Minnesota Credit Union Network.  

Karen Duffy: Worcester Tech student goes back to the future to find career10/09/2016Jason England goes back to school as manager of Worcester Credit Union's student branch. England began working at WCU as a student teller intern while attending Worcester Technical High School. Upon graduation, England furthered his career at WCU by being promoted as head teller before completing his bachelor's degree. “I'm so excited to begin my new role as branch manager at the high school,” said England. “My goal now is to hopefully provide an example, maybe even an inspiration, to some students of what can be achieved through the opportunities provided here.”

Credit unions are building branches to stay close to ‘Average Joe’10/08/2016Michigan credit unions are opening additional brick and mortar branches to support membership growth. During the national economic recessions of 2008 and 2010, credit unions proved their loyalty to their members and community by continuing to offer lending while banks refrained. In turn, members gave more of their business to credit unions. "I think the growth in our membership shows that our members find value in what the credit union stands for," commented Kellogg Community Credit Union Chief Financial Officer Michael Ogrin. 

Local credit unions’ focus, culture not like Wells Fargo’s10/03/2016Carolinas Credit Union League President and CEO John Radebaugh says the Wells Fargo sales scandal is a direct reflection of the institution's pressure for profit. “At Wells Fargo, the profit motive meant people at the bottom faced unrealistic goals and acted at the expense of customers' trust,” explained Radebaugh. The goals and staff at credit unions are focused on the members and local communities they serve. “By working together with account holders, everyone involved shares in the benefits.”

Waco: Local credit union provides child identification services10/01/2016Heart O' Texas Credit Union launches Operation Kids Safe, a fingerprint scan program for children. “[The scans are] a very good thing for parents to have this in case something does arise later in life. [Parents] will have this record they can use to help identify their children,” said Heart O' Texas Credit Union Branch Manager Lark Smith.

U.S. Rep. Andy Barr calls out Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf10/01/2016U.S. Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY) faults Wells Fargo for giving credit unions a tarnished reputation in wake of the bank's sales scandal. “I think about the community banks and credit unions in my district … who are your competitors,” Barr told Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf during a Housing Financial Services Committee hearing. “This scandal has painted a bad picture for the entire banking sector. Now, they have a tarnished reputation because they have been swept into this with you.”

How this millennial became a credit union president at 2709/30/2016Jared Freeman becomes Alabama State Employees Credit Union president/CEO at 27 years old. “My loyalty is to our 35,000 credit union members. My goal is to have the best credit union in the country,” commented Freeman. During his first year as president/CEO, Alabama State Employees CU experienced a 250% increase income. Looks like Freeman and Alabama State Employees CU is on the right track!

John Radebaugh: credit unions work for customers, not profit09/29/2016Carolinas Credit Union League President/CEO John Radebaugh explains how the Wells Fargo sales scandal gave stockholders a greater return on their investment. Radebaugh says that this would never happen at a credit union because they're not-for-profit cooperatives. Instead, credit union profits are returned to their member-owners in the form of lower interest rates on loans, higher interest rates on savings and lower fees.

Four myths about credit unions, debunked09/28/2016LifeHacker touts the benefits of being a credit union member. Credit unions earn profits that are returned to the members in the form of lower interest rates on loans and higher rates on savings. In addition, joining a credit union is easier than you think, while some pertain to specific industries, many memberships are open to all. Furthermore, credit unions are the most convenient, with over 30,000 participating branches or ATMs in the country! To get started, visit to find the credit union nearest you. 

Caught in a Wells Fargo web? Here’s how to get untangled09/27/2016The best way to untangle yourself from the Wells Fargo sales scandal is to join a credit union. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions who have members, not shareholders, that returned earned profits in the form of lower fees and rates. “The major difference in credit unions is looking to see how decisions will benefit the membership. That perspective drives our culture,” commented Boeing Employee's Credit Union Spokesman Todd Pietzsch.

“Making it easier to pay off student debt:” UW Credit Union expands eligibility to all college students09/27/2016UW Credit Union expands membership to help students pay off their debt. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and UW Credit Union President/CEO Paul Kundert announced plans to make it easier for current and former students in Wisconsin to pay off their debt. “Here at the credit union, we are passionate about meeting the financial service needs of young consumers and we are a leader among the credit unions in the nation in providing lending solutions to members attending institutions of higher education,” explained Kundert.  

Wells Fargo shenanigans robbed consumers, but there’s a better way09/23/2016In wake of the Wells Fargo sales scandal, Michigan Credit Union League President and CEO Dave Adams reassures consumers that there's a better way to bank and it's with your local credit union. “Because credit unions are owned by their members, they exist to serve their members and they work hard to improve the financial condition of members and strengthen local communities,” explained Adams.