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Football and fireworks: Stadium Spectacular 2015 –04/22/2015San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl announced its "Stadium Spectacular 2015" – a very memorable fireworks show taking place for the first time at this year's bowl game held on December 23rd. San Diego County Credit Union has been the title sponsor of since its inception in 2005.

Credit union to host home buying seminar04/21/2015Fox Communities Credit Union is hosting a free home buying seminar for the community to explain the types of mortgages available and how to choose the right one for you. For every person attending, the credit union will donate $10 to Neighborhood Housing Inc.

Abandoned credit union accounts used to fund NM student scholarships04/21/2015The New Mexico Credit Union Education Foundation has awarded $1,000 scholarships to 130 students representing 13 different colleges and universities around the state — $130,000 in all for the upcoming academic year – through abandoned credit union accounts. "We want to see higher graduation rates and see more education for people that live here in New Mexico," said Paul Stull, the president and CEO of the Credit Union Association of New Mexico. "We also get quite a few people that apply that are the first people in their families to attend college."

Seattle ranks No. 1 in conversion to credit unions04/20/2015In Seattle more than twice the number of consumers use a credit union as their primary financial institution compared with the country's second-largest bank. And according to Troy Stang, president and CEO of the Northwest Credit Union Association, it's due to the fact that the cooperative structure of credit unions aligns perfectly with the values of Seattle consumers. "The culture and attitude of consumers here is unique. They want to know who they're doing business with."

Zeal Credit Union to hold 'Zombie Math' event to teach kids financial education04/16/2015Is saving money more difficult than surviving a zombie attack? Children, ages 8 through 12, are invited to find out by participating in Zeal Credit Union's Zombie Math workshop. "Kids will learn how to solve mental math programs, work as a team, and go on an interactive zombie adventure," said Jeremy Cybulski, youth and community development coordinator for Zeal Credit Union. "It's a fun event, and kids will have a chance to win prizes, too."

Fayetteville credit union is giving away money04/14/2015Utilizing innovation and staying community-minded, the Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union kicked off a scavenger hunt for gift cards this week. Each day, they'll post clues to their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts, letting people know where to find gift cards that range from $25-100, with a grand prize giveaway of $500. "We wanted the community to know, that Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union, while we're highly military, we're not just military," said Andrew Reiff, marketing director. "So as a way to let the community know that this is an option (to bank with us). We also love to give back to the community at this credit union."

Coker: More credit unions offering business loans04/14/2015In answering a question of whether a credit union is a potential lender to a readers' small business, Ralph Corker definitely makes the case that YES – credit unions are a great option for small business loans. "More than 30 percent of credit unions make business loans and that number is increasing," he writes. "If you want a credit union business loan, go to a credit union you've belonged to for a long time and have had checking accounts, savings accounts, vehicle loans, home loans and personal loans. That means you have a long repayment history with that credit union. Lenders like to lend to businesses who can prove they have the ability to repay the loan and have a long track record of regular and prompt payments. Credit unions also get to know their members on a personal basis and that creates credibility."

Add financial education to required curriculum04/11/2015William J. Mellin, President and CEO of the New York Credit Union Association urges for financial education to be a critical part of any school's curriculum. "In the not-so-distant future, these young people will be leading this state. It's our responsibility to teach them how to save, spend and understand their finances," he writes.

Wright-Patt credit Union launches online banking on watches04/09/2015Keeping credit unions at the forefront of innovation, Wright-Patt members who own an Android Wear watch can now check account balances with a flick of the wrist, without the hassle of logging-in to the mobile app. "We are committed to offering solutions that promote ease of use for our members and are reflective of today's technological innovations," said Joel Huxley, director, retail support at Wright-Patt Credit Union. "We have a close eye on market adoption and are strategically making decisions based on member behaviors. In the case of wearable technology, it allows our members quick access to low-risk information. It is truly a benefit for WPCU members."

MT credit unions support hardworking families04/07/2015Jeremy Presta, president/CEO of Park Side Credit Union; Diana Cannon, president of Mile High Federal Credit Union; Jack Lawson, president of Missoula Federal Credit Union; and Emily Guldborg, manager of McCone County Federal Credit Union demonstrate how the Earned Income Tax Credit in Montana makes a difference in the lives of many people throughout the state. 

Don't let over-regulation stifle our credit unions04/03/2015Patrick Miller, President and CEO of the CBC Federal Credit Union in Oxnard, CA says that "credit unions and their members acted responsibly during the economic crisis, but they continue to be unfairly penalized for the actions of too-big-to-fail financial institutions. We work every day to deliver service excellence to our members, but that cannot happen when certain statutory and regulatory barriers keep credit unions from fully serving the needs of their members."

Delta Community Credit Union - A company that cares03/30/2015Delta Community Credit Union is committed to improving the lives of its members, and the neighborhoods where they live through a diverse array of community programs. Employees consistently embrace opportunities to give back to the communities where they live and work.

Doing Better: NC's co-ops, credit unions crucial to state's economy03/29/2015The authors of this op-ed urges that it's essential for North Carolina to keep moving forward with their strong cooperative principles to create more business ownership opportunities across the state – especially in more economically distressed communities. They note that credit unions are part of the state's economic backbone.

Oregon's economy needs not-for-profit credit unions03/29/2015The credit union movement continues to fulfill the role for which it was created. Through our not-for-profit, financial cooperative approach, we generate thousands of family-wage jobs, hundreds of millions in direct member benefits and $1.9 billion in economic impact in Oregon alone, while also investing philanthropically in our communities. The realities behind this top-line figure show that not-for-profit cooperative credit unions are foundational to the state's economy.

Credit unions draw millennials03/27/2015Millennials are drawn to "old" credit union features that now seem "new": free checking, no minimum deposit accounts, fewer fees, better interest rates (in some cases nearly two percentage points lower than competitors) and personal service. This perception by millennials has been spurred by the positive response credit unions received during and following the financial crisis of the last five years. 

Allow credit unions to serve local governments03/26/2015Current Florida law does not allow credit unions to accept deposits from local government entities; it only allows for local governments to bank with commercial, for-profit banks. This means local governments, universities and school boards — many of whose employees are served by credit unions — cannot drive down the street to their local credit union and bank with them.

Credit union partners with Survive-A-Storm Shelters to give away free shelters03/23/2015Communication Federal Credit Union, one of Oklahoma's largest credit unions, is partnering with Survive-A-Storm Shelters to give away four free storm shelters. CFCU was the first financial institution in Oklahoma to initiate affordable storm shelter loans which began in 2008 after an outbreak of damaging tornado's. 

Two schools get Utah Credit Union grants for classroom equipment03/16/2015The Utah Credit Union Association is on a mission to improve education in Utah by enhancing and expanding classroom level resources and programs. They recently awarded math and science programs across the state for classroom supplies that will provide students with greater opportunities to learn. 

Credit Unions Rev Auto-Loan Growth Engines03/15/2015U.S. credit unions are accelerating their growth in auto lending as the economy improves and many of the financial institutions make a concerted effort to go after car buyers.

Why U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union has a board full of teenagers03/13/2015The junior board at U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union has a budget of $5,000 and are tasked with getting involved in the greater community via youth entrepreneurship, community service and developing a product or service benefiting that community. "...merging things like this [financial literacy] with what I'm currently learning [finding variables] would be useful and beneficial to high school kids — they're transitioning to the real world," said Ryan Franco, a junior at Eldorado High School who sits on the board.