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Dubuque credit union to match college savings for HEART program students01/22/2015Dupaco Community Credit Union is promising to match every dollar that students in Dubuque's Housing Education and Rehabilitation Training program, also known as HEART, save for college. Dupaco Community Credit Union believes helping students save for trade school tuition is a good way to keep the soon-to-be skilled workers in the community. "A lot of skills are a lost art. A lost trade. We need to look at alternatives to help kids have sustainable, wealth building careers," said David Klavitter with Dupaco Community Credit Union. 

McHenry: Keep scaling back Dodd-Frank01/21/2015Rep. Patrick McHenry, the new vice chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, discussed his concerns that the Dodd-Frank Act is stifling credit unions' ability to lend and said his "number one priority is to ensure that we get lending moving again."

Recent divorcee loses $5,000 in online dating and check scam01/21/2015"If you deposit a bad check into your account and your financial institution receives that check back, you have to make good on it," said Stacy Tallent, president of Health Center Credit Union of Augusta. It can be difficult to spot a fake check. A few clues include: the check is printed on poor quality paper, it lacks a watermark, or does not have an address for the bank it's drawn on. Even then, Tallent said it can be hard for even bank tellers to tell the difference because the quality of fake checks are getting to be so good. 

2014 Banking Landscape Report01/20/2015No surprise here: The report found that credit unions continue to provide the best deals, offering over 10-times more interest on checking accounts than regional banks as well as 573% higher rates on savings accounts than national banks.

Ways you can make a financial fresh start in 201501/06/2015"As consumer-owned financial institutions, credit unions are wholly invested in their members' financial future, making them a great alternative for consumers looking to start the New Year fresh," says Diana Dykstra, president and CEO of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues. "They typically offer lower interest rates on loans, lower fees on services and higher rates on savings." 

Park Community Credit Union unveils new branch with interactive teller machines01/06/2015Park Community Credit Union is bringing innovation to the forefront with Interactive Teller Machines (ITM). It's the "evolution of the teller line," said Jim Spradlin, president and CEO of Park Community, describing the four ATM-looking computers. An ITM is a video teller service that gives users the feel of personal service with the efficiency of an ATM. A person operates the ITM from a remote location and engages with the user via live video. "We've created the branch of the future," Spradlin said. 

Travis Credit Union offers free tax help to low-, moderate-income people01/05/2015Travis Credit Union announced plans for this year's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. The VITA Program offers free tax help to low- to moderate-income people who cannot prepare their own tax returns. Great to see another way credit unions are supporting the communities they serve. 

More than 300 toys donated to Toys for Tots by Coloramo Federal Credit Union12/17/2014More than 300 toys will go to those in need thanks to a Colorado Credit Union's staff and members. By working with the local community, the credit union ensured hundreds of children will be able to receive gifts this holiday season that otherwise may have gone without. 

Northeast Ohio students bank on credit unions12/16/2014A few high schools in the Cleveland area that have credit unions on site are getting students prepared for college by ensuring the know how to access their credit union information when they're at school. These credit unions are enabling students to handle their own finances. 

Georgia credit unions tout loan growth12/16/2014Georgia credit unions saw a 4.2 percent increase in total loans outstanding in the third quarter, compared with the previous quarter. Mike Mercer, GCUA's president and chief executive officer, said the state's strengthening economy and consumers' willingness to spend money on big-ticket items, such as cars and trucks, are major reasons for the loan growth. 

Credit union donates money for Kalamazoo Co. K-9 unit12/15/2014Omni Community Credit Union in Michigan donated $6,000 to help fund the Kalamazoo County department's K-9 unit. They sold 100 Christmas trees and 100 wreaths last week, donating the proceeds to K-9 Care to help cover food and veterinary costs. 

Why credit unions are booming12/11/2014Credit unions continue to thrive. Why have so many consumers shifted from institutions where they have banked, in some cases, for decades, in favor of credit unions? In short, the recession gave credit unions a chance to shine ... and to educate the public about what being a member of a credit union really means. Perhaps more discerning and sophisticated than at any other time in history, consumers responded by seriously weighing out their options and, in many cases, deciding that credit unions were better positioned to meet their need for individualized services, innovative products, more channels, and expanded venues.

Combining financial expertise with shared values12/08/2014Todd Sipe, CEO and president of Thrivent Federal Credit Union, talks about the credit union's mission and plans for growth. Thrivent Federal Credit Union is sponsored by Thrivent Financial, a fraternal benefit society that helps Christians be wise with money and live generously. 

SAC Federal Credit Union offers tips on avoiding identity theft12/08/2014In the spirit of the holiday season, SAC Federal Credit Union has given the gift of free advice to help consumers avoid and react to identity theft. The nine-page Identity Theft Protection Manual offers tips on what to watch for and what steps to take if you suspect your personal data has been compromised.

Golden 1 credit union will send $18 million back to its members12/08/2014Sacramento-based Golden 1 Credit Union announced it's giving back $18 million this week to more than 500,000 of its members statewide. "As a not-for-profit financial institution, we're driven by doing what is best for our members. This $18 million is just one of the many ways we are thanking our members." 

Helping credit unions keep up with the times12/07/2014Laurie Baker, board chair of the Credit Union Association of New York, for her recently published Q & A with the Buffalo News. Laurie took a good broad view of how significantly the financial services marketplace is changing – and how credit unions view the landscape ahead. 

Sunmark’s interim CEO maps out the credit union’s next steps12/03/2014With new leadership at Sunmark Federal Credit Union in Albany, the focus will be on fostering service excellence by implementing a “heightened” banking experience with the use of new technology for its 47,000-plus members. "Whatever it takes to take Sunmark to the next level, we've got our eye on that," said Frank DeGraw, the new interim president and CEO. "We're not the leaders in technology, but we can be fast followers."

Maine credit unions’ walk for ending hunger ends in Orono12/03/2014Brenda Davis and her team traveled across Maine in order to bring awareness to hunger in the state. The team ended their 41-day trek at the University Credit Union in Orono. The walk was part of the Maine Credit Union League’s Campaign for Ending Hunger. The league has raised more than $5 million thus far. 

Credit unions teach financial literacy skills in schools12/01/2014Helping you teach your kids how to handle their money is a shared goal of credit unions amid a national conversation about requiring financial literacy classes in schools. These community-focused, nonprofit institutions host contests, school deposit days, reality fairs and other programs aimed at improving student savvy when it comes to money matters.

Gardiner Federal Credit Union donates to local charities12/01/2014Gardiner Federal Credit Union donates $13K to nine different area food pantries and organizations in order to provide meals to community members in need.