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Rapid credit union growth driven by highly competitive products02/04/2016MagnifyMoney conducted a survey among the fifty largest credit unions to find the best deals offered. Credit unions have the opportunity to create products with excellent customer value because of their structure, and the survey found some great offerings from credit unions around the country.

Meeting member needs02/03/2016Adams pens an op-ed in response to false accusations criticizing Michigan credit unions. Adams clarifies the distinction between banks and credit unions, and points to the good works done in communities across the state. “Credit unions don't offer member handouts - they offer them a helping hand in meeting their financial goals” explains Adams.

Payday lenders, and a future without them01/31/2016Michigan Credit Union League CEO Dave Adams shares how credit unions in Michigan are working to educate residents about the dangers of payday lending. Adams details how credit unions offer their members safe alternative predatory loans in the short term and the tools they need to manage their finances in the long term. Together, these products and service provide members the help they need to break the predatory cycle that keeps payday lenders thriving.

HOME AND FAMILY FINANCE SHOW01/29/2016Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation executive director Courtney Moran was featured on the Home and Family Finance Show to discuss family financial issues as they relate to credit unions. 

2015 banking landscape report01/29/2016Credit unions offer the best deals on checking and savings accounts for consumers according to a WalletHub study. WalletHub analyzed the rates, fees, and features associated with financial accounts among the nation's financial institutions. The report suggested consumers check out credit unions which offer the lowest fees on checking accounts.  

Banks vs credit unions: who has the best rates01/29/2016Deposit Accounts found that credit unions offer better rates than banks at almost every level of every product. This study aligns with our belief that credit unions are American's best financial partner.

Nerdwallet’s best credit union credit cards of 201601/29/2016NerdWallet lists the best credit union credit cards of 2016. Cards were ranked for superior rewards, travel, low interest, military, and those with bad credit. 

Fresh financial starts for the new year01/28/2016First Capitol FCU business development representative Lisa Barshinger offers advice for consumers looking to fix their finances in 2016. The first step to financial success is to develop a budget, says Barshinger. Start the year off right by looking at those over expenders accrued during the holiday season, transfer a credit balance to an account with a lower interest rate, and run credit checkups.

Funding your future: the key to saving enough money for retirement01/27/2016Cyprus Credit Union financial expert Rachel Langlois lays out what steps you need to take in order to retire. Langlois explains the average person, if planning accordingly, will retire for twenty years.

Five questions with: Paul Gentile01/26/2016Cooperative Credit Union Association president/CEO Paul Gentile prepares his state credit unions when meeting with legislatures this session. The association will host 'Credit Union Governmental Affairs Day' to give state credit union professionals the opportunity to network with lawmakers and remind them why credit unions matter.

KANSAS CITY01/20/2016CommunityAmerica Credit Union announced plans to return $7 million profits back to their members. This is the fourth consecutive year the credit union has returned millions of dollars to their members. 

What a credit union merger means for members01/19/2016US News Money explains why members of a credit union going through a merger shouldn't be alarmed. If a credit union is merging with another, the two financial institution will retain the not-for-profit, cooperative philosophy. This means more branch locations, surcharge-free ATMs, and improved services. It's a win-win for all! 

Credit union is 60, and going strong01/13/2016San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union celebrates sixty years of service. San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union president Tim Baldwin believes his “credit union has made a big difference in the lives of a lot of people in the area, and we feel that's what we're here to do - help people make their lives better.” 

Picatinny Federal Credit Union raises funds for new kennel01/13/2016Picatinny Federal Credit Union raises funds for a new facility at local kennel, Eleventh Hour Rescue. EHR is in the process of building a healthier, friendlier facility for dogs and cats to live comfortably before finding their forever home. “The campaign was extremely successful. Our members and employees were very generous and we raised over $3,000 for the new facility" stated Karen Morano, vice president of marketing for PFCU. 

RTN Federal Credit Union to collect blankets for homeless01/13/2016RTN Federal Credit Union, the Cooperative Credit Union Association, and other participating credit unions ban together for a blanket drive benefitting the homeless. In 2015, all participating credit unions along with the association collected more than 675 blankets. 

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital receives donation from credit unions01/13/2016Credit Union for Kids and Solarity Credit Union donate funds to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. Funds will be allocated to purchase new technology and help train staff in the pediatric unit. 

Align Credit Union supports Boys & Girls Club of MetroWest with #GivingTuesday donation match01/06/2016Align Credit Union participates in a social media #GivingTuesday campaign by donating funds to the Boys & Girls Club of MetroWest. 

Letter: credit union members helped hundreds of kids01/06/2016Centra Credit Union president Lyn Morgan thanks members and friends for participating in their Holiday Giving Program. Thanks to generous donations totaled over $28,000, more than 375 children received gifts this holiday season.

Credit unions offer prizes for people who save money01/06/2016Minnesota credit unions began offering prizes to members who save money. Members have the opportunity to win $5,000 just by opening a unique savings account and depositing a minimum of $25 a week. 

Credit unions just about anyone can join01/05/2016There are many credit unions that offer membership eligible to all. Credit unions offer a range of services that are more beneficial to members compared to banks. Benefits include lower and fewer fees, benefits passed directly to members, and a co-op shared network of more than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs.