Press Statements and Releases

August 2013

CUNA Trainer's Portal Introduces 46 New E-learning Elements for Custom Training08/29/201346 new Member Service and HR/Training items have been added to CUNA Trainer’s Portal in both print and interactive formats.

CUNA Lending Council White Paper Discusses 'Fighting for our Turf'08/13/2013With advances in technology and shifts in consumer behavior, though, a number of opportunities exist for offering small loans, according to "Fighting for our Turf: Threats to Credit Union Small Loan Markets," a new white paper published by the CUNA Lending Council. This paper focuses on how credit unions can regain these lending opportunities and make the portfolio viable.

New CUNA OpSS Council White Paper Discusses Recipes for a Sales Culture08/09/2013A new white paper from the CUNA OpSS Council, “Recipes for a Sales Culture: How Credit Unions Blend Sales and Service” examines whether a sales culture is consistent with the credit union philosophy—in effect, whether there’s a difference between selling useful products and services to members and keeping their best interests at heart.

65 Named Certified Credit Union Executives in July08/07/2013This year’s 65 graduates were awarded the Certified Credit Union Executive (CCUE) designation, bringing the total nationwide to 3,249.

CUNA Releases New Supervisory Committee Training in Video Format08/02/2013The video, a valuable resource for credit union supervisory committee members, is available by yearly subscription and fulfills credits in the Supervisory track of CUNA Volunteer Certification Program.

CUNA HR/TD Council White Paper Explores Supplemental Insurance Options08/01/2013The employee benefits landscape has been transformed over the last decade, by burgeoning costs, regulatory changes, and new benefits options. During and after the great recession, employers have reduced their benefits budgets and are shifting costs and decision-making to employees.