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Board Evaluations

Board effectiveness begins with solid metrics

Paragon LogoToday’s credit unions demand board members make strategic, effective decisions. The board must regularly review to ensure the board and credit unions operate at the highest levels. To assist in these efforts, CUNA has teamed up with The Paragon Group to bring you forward-thinking board assessment tools at CUNA preferred pricing rates. 

The assessment tools available through this partnership include: 

  • Board Competencies: Identify the competencies needed, assess the current level of skills and identify areas that need strengthening.
  • Board Effectiveness: Evaluate the performance of the board of directors to identify strengths that need to be amplified and improvement opportunities.
  • Personal: Evaluate your contribution to the credit union board to develop professional development plans.
  • Peer: Evaluate the performance of your peers to ensure high performance standards and establish performance criteria for re-nomination. 

Implement these metrics tools to start reviewing your performance and making changes as necessary, all while taking steps to keep essential credit union traditions alive. You’ll improve your strategic decision-making, learn to ask productive questions and regularly assess your effectiveness to ensure top performance. 

Take advantage of CUNA preferred pricing on these tools and start your review process today. Pricing is determined based on your desired level of consultation and facilitation from The Paragon Group.

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