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Operations, Sales & Service Training Handbooks

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Checks and Share Drafts Teller and Member Service Handbook

CUNA member: $29.95


A teller's job can be stressful, especially when faced with check-cashing situations that require prompt action. But many tellers are trained in only the basics of checks and share drafts before being placed on the te ...

Communications Skills Teller and Member Service Handbook (print)

CUNA member: $29.95


This handbook helps tellers and member service representatives communicate effectively with people of differing backgrounds, ages and personalities.

Credit Union Accounts Teller and Member Service Handbook (print)

CUNA member: $29.95


Teller and member-contact staff need to understand the various accounts offered by the credit union. This book starts them off with important definitions, features, and benefits of the various accounts. A deeper under ...

Credit Union Teller Handbook (print)

CUNA member: $24.95


For many members, tellers personify the credit union. This edition includes sections on translating financial jargon into terms members understand, instructions on identifying and correcting common mistakes, and the m ...

CU Basics - History of the Credit Union Movement Seminar in a Box

CUNA member: $220.00


This Credit Union Seminar in a Box for Staff helps you convey an understanding of the credit union movement and the importance of member service. Build strong advocates of the movement and the best representatives of ...

CU Basics - New Employee Orientation Seminar in a Box

CUNA member: $220.00


That first days in a new job can be overwhelming. Give your new hires the best first look at your credit union and their role as soon as possible. This seminar will enable new hires to get a clear picture of your cred ...

CU Disaster Recovery Seminar in a Box

CUNA member: $220.00


As soon as you have your Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan written and approved, it's time to train your staff on their responsibilities under that plan. Having a great plan isn't so great if your staff isn't ...

CU Sales - Closing Member Sales With Confidence Seminar in a Box

CUNA member: $220.00


Closing member sales includes the very important skill of expediting, the process of gaining member commitment and following through on member requests. Through this seminar and its exercises, staff will learn to clos ...

CU Sales - Connecting With Members Seminar in a Box

CUNA member: $220.00


With this Seminar in a Box, staff will learn that by demonstrating a positive regard and developing a good rapport with members, they can create an exceptional experience for members.

CU Sales - Inquiring and Listening for Member Needs Seminar in a Box

CUNA member: $220.00


This Seminar in a Box helps staff build skills to start a dialogue with members, build relationships and better understand each member's situation and goals. The right questions combined with skillful listening encour ...

CU Sales - Linking Member Needs to CU Service Seminar in a Box

CUNA member: $220.00


During a member interaction, there comes a time when a need is recognized that the credit union can help fulfill. During this seminar, staff will learn the art of describing benefits and linking member needs to credit ...

CU Sales - Planning, The Foundation of Sales Seminar in a Box

CUNA member: $220.00


Planning is the process of preparing for effective sales and service interactions with members. It requires thinking about activities and interactions in a systematic way, and it helps bridge the gap between current s ...

CU Sales - Seminar in a Box DVD

CUNA member: $220.00


Outstanding member service is the key to effective selling. By watching this credit union training DVD, staff will be introduced to the PRIDE model, a model for effective credit union sales and service and the core of ...

CU Sales - Seminar in a Box for Staff Series Kit

CUNA member: $1,085.00


The solution to sales and service training in your credit union. This kit contains all seven CU Sales Seminars in a Box for Staff including the DVD! Keep and use the entire set for monthly staff meetings, refreshers, ...

CU Sales - Why Care About Selling Seminar in a Box

CUNA member: $220.00


In this seminar, staff is introduced to the PRIDE model, a model for effective sales and service. They will be encouraged to think about and discuss how service relates to sales, and how their actions and interactions ...

CU Security and Fraud - Check Fraud Seminar in a Box

CUNA member: $220.00


This seminar provides your staff with the tools needed to help them detect credit union and member fraud. Plus, it guides staff toward helping members protect themselves against scams and fraud.

CU Security and Fraud - Robbery Procedures Seminar in a Box

CUNA member: $220.00


A robbery is a highly emotional situation that requires clear cut plans your staff can follow. Credit unions need to inform staff about robbery procedures. Provide the tools to protect staff and members with this ...

CUNA Creating Member Loyalty

CUNA Creating Member Loyalty™ (CML) transforms a credit union to a sales and service powerhouse through changes at both the individual and organizational level.

Products & Services
CUNAs Guide to Mergers

CUNA member: $69.99


Credit unions of all sizes are using the merger process to achieve strategic goals and objectives.

Deterring and Responding to Robberies - A Training Tool for Banks and Credit Unions (DVD)

CUNA member: $299.00


During this training, Evans combines his experiences with those of a long time law enforcement officer, a security consultant, the President/CEO of a robbed financial institution and a teller on the front line during ...

People Not Profit the Story of the Credit Union Movement (print)

CUNA member: $24.95


This new edition highlights significant points in U.S. credit union development - from the early years of struggle through the remarkable growth and development of the end of the twentieth century.

Product Knowledge Program

non-member: $1,725.00
CUNA member: $1,725.00


Boost product knowledge to gain member loyalty. This resource tool provides customized profiles for as many as 70+ credit union products.

So, You Want to Open a New Branch Office

CUNA member: $39.95


A guide to the details of launching your new branch.  This book has information from credit unions and design/build firms with extensive experience in developing, designing and building credit union branch offices.

Teller Handbook Series (kit)

CUNA member: $91.00


This handbook series includes 4 teller handbooks.

The Credit Union Movement Origins and Development 1850-1980 (print)

CUNA member: $40.00


Comprehensive treatment from mid-19th century Germany to 1984. Individual and cooperative efforts to found and expand U.S. credit unions.