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Proctored Exam Request Form

We require a minimum of 4 weeks to process your exam request. All information must be provided to process your request. It is critical to contact your proctor 1 week prior to testing to ensure all materials are received. Please call 800-356-9655 ext. 4131 or ext. 4072 if you have any questions.

*Required Fields
1. Student Information
*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Credit Union:
* State/Province/Region:
* Zip/Postal Code:
*Daytime Phone:
*Email Address:
 Fax Number:
2. Exam Date
Exam date must be at least 4 weeks from today's date.
  Today's Date:
* Exam Date:  [None] Select a Date Delete the Date
3. Exam Method
If you are taking an exam online you will need access to a PC with Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher at your proctor's site. See requirements for more details .
4. CCUFC Paper Exam Requests Only
Do you have an answer sheet? If not an answer sheet will be sent with the exam and you will be invoiced $35 for the answer sheet unless a Comp Code is also provided.
5. Exam Retake
If yes your credit union will be invoiced a $35 retake fee unless a Comp Code is also provided.
6. Are you recertifying? (Certification is required after 3 years.)
7. CFC eSchool Part 1 or Part 2 participant?
8. Enter Modules
Select your modules. If you have the older 2nd edition modules (©2011) you will need to order the new 3 rd edition modules that correspond with the 3rd edition exams. To verify the copyright date for the CCUFC modules, please click here . To order these modules call 800-356-8010 option 3 or email:
Selected Designations:

Comp codes must be preceded with a "P" and contain 10 characters in order to be valid - i.e. "P123456789"

Module Comp Code
9. Proctor Information
Your proctor cannot be someone from your credit union. For more information, visit proctored exam procedures .
*Proctor's First Name:
*Proctor's Last Name:
*School/Business Name:
 P.O. Box:
*Street Address:
* State/Province/Region :
* Zip/Postal Code:
*Daytime Phone:
*Email Address:

Please call 800-356-9655 ext. 4131 or ext. 4072 if you have any questions. Ensure is a trusted sender for both student and proctor to guarantee email delivery.

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