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Proctored Exam Request Form

We require a minimum of 4 weeks to process your exam request. All information must be provided to process your request. It is critical to contact your proctor 1 week prior to testing to ensure all materials are received. Please call 800-356-9655 ext. 4131 or ext. 4072 if you have any questions.

*Required Fields
1. Student Information
*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Credit Union:
*Zip/Postal Code:
*Daytime Phone:
*Email Address:
 Fax Number:
2. Exam Date
Exam date must be at least 4 weeks from today's date.
 Today's Date:
*Exam Date:  [None] Select a Date Delete the Date
3. Exam Method
If you are taking an exam online you will need access to a PC with Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher at your proctor's site. See requirements for more details.
4. CCUFC Paper Exam Requests Only
Do you have an answer sheet? If not an answer sheet will be sent with the exam and you will be invoiced $35 for the answer sheet unless a Comp Code is also provided.
5. Exam Retake
If yes your credit union will be invoiced a $35 retake fee unless a Comp Code is also provided.
6. Are you recertifying? (Certification is required after 3 years.)
7. CFC eSchool Part 1 or Part 2 participant?
8. Enter Modules
Select your modules. If you have the older 2nd edition modules (©2011) you will need to order the new 3rd edition modules that correspond with the 3rd edition exams. To verify the copyright date for the CCUFC modules, please click here. To order these modules call 800-356-8010 option 3 or email:
Selected Designations:

Comp codes must be preceded with a "P" and contain 10 characters in order to be valid - i.e. "P123456789"

Module Comp Code
9. Proctor Information
Your proctor cannot be someone from your credit union. For more information, visit proctored exam procedures.
*Proctor's First Name:
*Proctor's Last Name:
*School/Business Name:
 P.O. Box:
*Street Address:
*Zip/Postal Code:
*Daytime Phone:
*Email Address:

Please call 800-356-9655 ext. 4131 or ext. 4072 if you have any questions. Ensure is a trusted sender for both student and proctor to guarantee email delivery.

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