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Financial Counseling

CUNA offers training, networking opportunities and resources to help financial counseling professionals increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their credit union in order to make a more powerful impact for their members and the movement.

Network anytime! Join fellow financial counselor professionals on the Financial Counselors Listserv. For affiliated credit unions only.

Lead members to a stronger financial future

Credit Union Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP)

43% of surveyed consumers are concerned about meeting their monthly debt payments.* CUNA offers resources to help guide members to a stronger financial future. Work towards earning your Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC) designation to guide members through future financial situations with confidence.

Stay up-to-date

Rely on CUNA's training materials and events to stay up-to-date on topics ranging from credit management to ID theft.



* Source: 2012 CUNA and the Consumer Federation of America survey




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