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Credit Union Business Lending Professional (CUBLP)

Join the early ranks of those earning their CUNA Credit Union Business Lending Professional (CUBLP) designation and set yourself apart as a unique authority in business lending. The CUBLP designation distinguishes its possessors as the professionals to go to with business lending questions and establishes you as one of the experts in credit union business lending.

Top reasons to earn your CUBLP designation:

  • Earn recognition and be the professional your credit union turns to for member business lending expertise.
  • Learn content specific to credit unions’ member business lending operations
  • Three consecutive levels of training provide a thorough, reliable knowledge of the business lending field

The CUBLP designation is earned by attending all three years of CUNA Business Lending Certification School and completing their respective onsite assessments. The designation is earned immediately upon successful completion of the third year.

CUNA Business Lending Certification School
July 18-22, 2016 • Madison, WI

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