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Oct. 01, 2014 - Sep. 30, 2015

This recorded event is available until September 30, 2015. If you enroll in this recorded eSchool, contact to receive codes to complete an online pre-work assignment and the certification exam.

This eSchool offers you the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and skills to ensure your credit union is safe from robberies, internal and external fraud, theft and scams. You will gain a more sophisticated understanding of the security procedures at your credit union, learn how to think like a criminal and be fully prepared to serve as your credit union's leading security expert.

This recorded eSchool is available to complete at your convenience. Complete pre-work in the form of CU Advance Courses, available on a complimentary basis through CPD Online, listen to all 8 recorded sessions, and successfully complete a post-exam to earn your Credit Union – Security & Fraud Expert (CU-SFE) designation.

Who Should Attend

This eSchool is beneficial for security staff interested in earning the Credit Union Security & Fraud Expert designation or any other credit union staff interested in learning more about security and fraud procedures.

Are you looking to earn your Credit Union Security & Fraud Expert (CU-SFE) designation? 

Attendees who successfully complete an online exam after participating in the entire eSchool can earn their CU-SFE designation.

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Oct. 01, 2014 - Sep. 30, 2015

Class 1:

Get a Robber's Perspective - Robbery Prevention and Risk Reduction

  • Hear from a convicted, ex-robber on how a robber thinks and the actions he/she takes before, during and after a heist
  • Discuss how to protect members and prevent a robbery from occurring at your credit union

Class 2:

Protect Your Members and Your Credit Union

  • Identify the federal regulations that protect the security and safety of the United States, credit union members, and the credit union
  • Demonstrate how regulations can protect our members and our credit unions
  • Recognize the resources available in meeting the regulatory burden credit unions are under  
  • Recognize the legislative process and its role in security
  • Demonstrate how the credit union mission focuses on the importance of securing members and credit union information through compliance with federal regulations

Class 3:

Social Engineering - Fraud's Firm Foundation

  • Understand social engineering principals and commonly employed approaches
  • Identify the red flags of historical and current social engineering attempts
  • Acquire best practices and resources for maximum risk mitigation

Class 4:

Employees - Fraud Fighters or Facilitators

  • Understand data security risks facing credit unions today
  • Recognize the important role employees play in fighting or facilitating fraud
  • Identify requirements, resources, best practices and benefits found in effective employee fraud awareness training

Class 5:

Working with Local Law Enforcement

  • Various factors that drive private and public collaboration
  • Methods for implementing and enhancing the information sharing process 
  • Strategies to incorporate into your credit union's risk mitigation programs

Class 6:

External and Internal Security Audits

  • Recognize the steps involved in conducting a physical security risk analysis
  • Understand the importance of reviewing administrative records
  • Review components of an effective security plan
  • Conduct a physical security audit

Class 7:

Physical Security Audits - Participant Presentations

  • Listen to this recording where past participants will share findings from their review of a physical security audit. Learn from these presentations, then do your own physical security audit to practice what is presented during the previous session, External and Internal Security Audits.

Class 8:

Robbery Anomalies and the Lessons They Provide

  • Analyze trends of robberies recently committed
  • Measure the prevention, deterrence and response protocols of financial institutions
  • Identify methods for enhancing the credit union's robbery prevention program
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Oct. 01, 2014 - Sep. 30, 2015

Troy EvansEvans, Troy

For over 15 years, Troy pursued a career as a self-employed addict, drug dealer, gambler and thief. Evans risked his life and sacrificed his family to satisfy his need for money, attention and independence. Ultimately, his disregard of values and discipline resulted in a 13 year federal prison sentence. Following a six-month crime spree, which included five armed bank robberies in three states, Evans' self-destructive lifestyle was brought to an end. He soon found himself within the razor wire and armed confines of the Federal Correctional Complex in Florence, Colorado where his neighbors included such notorious criminals as Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

Facing the obstacles, pressures and violence of prison life, Evans was determined that his time behind bars would not be wasted. He chose education as his saving grace, despite the elimination of Federal Pell Grants for the incarcerated. Undeterred, Evans set out to secure funding on his own through scholarships, grants and foundation assistance. After six months of submitting applications, writing essays, begging, pleading and selling, Evans landed his first scholarship for one class. That was a beginning, and when Evans walked out the doors of prison, he carried with him two degrees, both obtained with a 4.0 GPA and placement on the Dean's and President's List.

Today he is a speaker and consultant, sharing his story of endurance and personal transformation with audiences of all ages. For nearly a decade now, he has provided financial institutions with real-life insight surrounding robbery prevention, apprehension and recovery.

Jon McDowall

Jon is the chief executive officer of Fraud Resource Group and has been conducting fraud investigations for over 25 years. In that time, he has successfully concluded thousands of identity-related, economic, insurance and business fraud investigations.

Jon is a court-recognized expert regarding identity frauds and is the author of "The Identity Theft Handbook." He is a member of the Chicago Electronic and Financial Crimes Task Force, senior advisor and former chair of the ASIS International Economic Crime Council, a charter member of the Anti-Phishing Working Group and a founding member of the Center for Information Security Awareness.

Jon studied sociology and philosophy at the American College of Greece in Athens, Greece and Chapman University in Orange, California and Jon is a graduate of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) Academy, the NICB Advanced Academy and the John E. Reed School of Interviewing and Interrogation. For over 18 years, Jon has been providing risk mitigation training for businesses and public entities and is the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Anti-Fraud Education Award from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Jim RechelRechel, Jim

Jim is president of The Rechel Group, Inc., a risk-consulting firm headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. He is on the board of The Institute for Criminal Justice Education in Montgomery, Alabama, a member of numerous national organizations and is a Certified Financial Security Officer (CFSO). He is a past local board member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators Association and the American Society of Industrial Security.

Prior to working for The Rechel Group, Inc, Jim was vice president for Fifth Third Bank headquartered in Cincinnati, where he held positions in various departments, including retail and lending, and security director.

Jim received a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Cincinnati in 1982. He graduated from the FBI Academy in 1985 and was a special agent with the FBI in Selma, Alabama, for three years. Over the last 15 years, he has conducted workshops and seminars for more than 1000 professional organizations, and over 85,000 individuals.

Shawn Wolbert

Shawn is a legislative and regulatory affairs specialists for the Michigan Credit Union League & Affiliates. She assists the MCUL & Affiliates to respond to growing regulatory burdens by providing regulatory issue advocacy, regulator relations, compliance information dissemination, compliance education planning, as well as operational and regulatory implementation assistance. Shawn is a Certified Internal Auditor and a CUNA Credit Union Compliance Expert with over ten year experience in the financial services industry.

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Oct. 01, 2014 - Sep. 30, 2015

Live Session

This is a recording of an event held October 29, 2013. View upcoming events.


Only interested in a specific topic? Select individual sessions are available for $219-$438 each.

  • A Robber's Perspective - Robbery Prevention and Risk Reduction
  • Protect Your Members and Your Credit Union
  • Social Engineering - Fraud's Firm Foundation
  • Employees - Fraud Fighters or Facilitators
  • Working with Local Law Enforcement
  • External and Internal Security Audits
  • Physical Security Audits - Participant Presentation
  • Robbery Anomalies and the Lessons They Provide 

See a full list of upcoming events.

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Oct. 01, 2014 - Sep. 30, 2015

CUNA recorded events allow you to see and hear a presentation and refer to handouts. Attendees also have access to the speaker contact information for asking questions. With topics spanning all credit unions' business areas, CUNA Training Bundle provides unlimited access to all live and recorded CUNA webinars, eSchools and audio conferences for all staff, managers and board members.

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Oct. 01, 2014 - Sep. 30, 2015

After registration, recorded events can be accessed by anyone at your credit union by logging into My Programs using your CUNA website username and password. Recorded events are available within 48 hours of the live event.
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