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CUNA Volunteer Certification Supervisory Committee Track

In order to complete the Supervisory Committee Track of the CUNA Volunteer Certification Program, you must complete all three prerequisite courses and the below seven steps to achieve the designation. All options below require one online test to be completed and passed unless otherwise noted. These steps can be completed in any order.

Areas of Study

  • CU Knowledge & Committee Governance
  • Annual Audit Requirements
  • Risk Assessments/Audit Plan
  • Internal Audit
  • Board Operations & Development

VCP IconWatch for the CUNA Volunteer Certification Program icon on live event session schedules. These sessions are available for credit toward the CCUV designation.

Be sure to enroll in the CUNA Volunteer Certification Program before beginning your training.

See a sortable list of Supervisory Committee Resources.


  1. History and Philosophy (Stock #V01)
  2. Financial Reports (Stock #V02)
  3. Managing Risk (Stock #V03)


  1. Credit Union Supervisory Committee Handbook (Stock #763)
  2. Supervisory Committee Duties and Responsibilities (Stock #V300)
  3. Directing Effective Teams (Stock #V701)
  4. Director's Handbook for Credit Union Regulations (Stock #21310)
  5. Pick one of the following options:
    1. Volunteer Self-Evaluations (Stock #V430)
    2. Volunteer Self-Evaluations Training on Demand (Stock #VC117)
  6. Pick one of the following options:
    1. CUNA Supervisory Committee Fundamentals Pre-Conference Workshop (2 tests)
    2. CUNA Supervisory Committee Fundamentals Video (2 tests)
  7. Pick from 6 of the following courses or CUNA Supervisory Committee & Internal Audit Conference sessions:
    1. Auditing 1 (Stock #V301)
    2. Auditing 2 (Stock #V302)
    3. The Supervisory Committee's Role in Due Diligence (Stock #V303)
    4. The Supervisory Committee's Role in Finding Fraud (Stock #V304)
    5. The Basics of Risk Assessment for Volunteers (Stock #V305)
    6. Basics of Internal Control (Stock #V427)
    7. Understanding the Audit Report (Stock #V428)
    8. Overseeing the Annual Audit by Outside Parties (Stock #V429)
    9. The Basics of Risk Assessment Training on Demand (Stock #VC104)
    10. The Supervisory Committee's Role in Finding Fraud Training on Demand (Stock #VC105)
    11. 10 Ratios Every Volunteer Should Know (Stock #VC106)
    12. The Basics of Internal Controls Training on Demand (Stock #VC111)
    13. Overseeing the Annual Audit by Outside Parties Training on Demand (Stock #VC114)
    14. Supervisory Committee 101: The Overview (Conference session)
    15. Checking Account & Investment Reconciliations - The Dos and Don'ts (Conference session)
    16. Risk Analysis - How to Know What You Should be Doing (Conference session)
    17. Establishing & Overseeing the IA Department (Conference session)
    18. Building your Internal Audit Plans (Conference session)
    19. Best Practices in Branch Auditing (Conference session)
    20. Enterprise Risk Management and the Role of the Supervisory Committee (Conference session)
    21. Getting the Most Out of Financial Statements (Conference session)
    22. Accounting for Change (Conference session)
    23. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: IT Security War Stories (Conference session)

Please note that many of these courses are available in multiple formats. Please visit the also available tab on each course if you are interested in another version of the course.

With questions or for more information, email us or call 800-356-9655, ext. 4249.

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