CUNA Economic Update Sponsored by CUNA CFO Council CUNA Economic Update Sponsored by CUNA CFO Council

In this month's CUNA Economic Update video, CUNA economists discuss the correlation between recent credit union trends and the Federal Reserve's short-term interest rates.

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Community Credit Union Conference September 22-25 Community issues. Credit Union focus. As an attendee of CUNA Community Credit Union Conference and The Federation 2015 Annual Conference, you'll explore our movement's newest approaches to community development. Hear from industry experts and speakers on the latest tools for reaching your local community, new ways to communicate the benefits of your credit union and best practices for attracting new members. #000000 1024x715_CCUC 2015 Learn more Register here The CU Effect CU & Co-op collaboration The CU Effect

Cooperatives give consumers more control over how their money influences the community than virtually any type of business model. With their democratic structure and not-for-profit models, building a relationship between co-ops and credit unions can make a positive difference in local economies.

Learn how Salal CU and Central Food Co-op joined forces and what credit unions are doing to continue these collaborative opportunities.

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Celebrate ICU Day! October 15, 2015 People helping people Making a difference for over 160 years Take a good look at the credit union movement, from the outside or within, and what you’ll see at its foundation is “People Helping People™.” On October 15, credit unions worldwide will join in celebrating the year-round impact of the credit union movement and its members for International Credit Union (ICU) Day®. Share in this powerful credit union vision and join more than 200 million people worldwide in thanking our loyal members and inviting our local communities to be a part of the year-round celebration that is credit union membership. #000000 ICU Day 2015 Join the celebration Redefine your strategic planning CUNA Environmental Scan Redefine your strategic planning CUNA Environmental Scan CUNA E-Scan has all the trend forecasts to position your credit union for growth. With access to extensive advice and solutions from the leaders in various fields, you'll not only know the big changes coming, but know how to prepare your credit union to benefit from each. #2B5081 E-Scan Image View the Top 10 Trends Webinar