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Products and Services briefs (10/31/2008)

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* HOUSTON (11/3/08), sponsored by the PULSE ATM/debit network, was launched this week to offer consumers information about debit cards. The site will be updated regularly to feature articles from financial planning experts, budgeting advice and personal finance recommendations. It “gets to the heart of how debit cards are one of the valuable tools in a consumer’s financial planning portfolio,” said Cindy Ballard, PULSE executive vice president. PULSE serves more than 4,500 financial institutions including credit unions ... * COLUMBUS, Ohio (11/3/08)--Corporate One FCU, Columbus, Ohio, announced it will host the third-annual Credit Union Enterprise Wide Risk Management (EWRM) Conference June 16-17 in Chicago. The conference is open to “C” level executives interested in learning more about risk management. About 50 credit unions from 18 states attended the 2008 conference. EWRM aggregates and organizes all processes and functions to leverage activities for members, and ensure all risks are accounted for and properly evaluated. Corporate One has $5.2 billion in assets ... * ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (11/3/08)--Pen Air FCU reported a 20% increase in balances--to $30 million--at the end of August. The increase is due to targeted marketing campaigns, the credit union said. In September 2007, the credit union converted its platform to PSCU Financial Services. After the conversion, AdvisorsPlus consultants worked with the credit union to launch promotions from February to August. “Achieving a 20% increase in balances in less than nine months is outstanding,” said Ron Fields, Pen Air FCU executive vice president ... * ALBANY, N.Y. (11/3/08)--CUC Mortgage Corp. unveiled its new brand identity with a new logo, product materials and enhanced website. The transformation comes as the organization expands into the Pennsylvania market. CUC Mortgage will continue to work with credit unions, according to Richard Maxstadt, senior vice president and chief operating officer. The company serves credit unions in the Northeast ...

CU Spanish course added to CUNAs CPDOnline

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MADISON, Wis. (11/3/08)--Credit unions can help their employees improve their existing Spanish-speaking skills through a recently released course offered through the Credit Union National Association’s CPDOnline self-study program. Credit Union Spanish: Applying the Basics (A1017) is an interactive course that emphasizes frequently used greetings, phrases, and financial terminology involved in member transactions. The learning module contains five online courses:
* Building blocks; * Using verbs; * Asking questions; * Using object pronouns; and * Present perfect tense.
Other courses recently added to CUNA’s self-study catalog include:
* Managing Today’s Employees (A1020 online and M41 print)--reveals the importance of a planned approach to employee development and provides practical tools for building benchmarks and creating effective employees; * Difficult Human Resources Issues (A1021 online and M42 print)--addresses sensitive issues such as workplace diversity, gender issues, sexual harassment and employment law, and strategies for addressing them; * Encouraging and Instilling Member Service in Others (A1022 online and S1318 print)-- focuses on building and maintaining strong team relationships, creating organizational change, setting clear team performance targets, generating team motivation, and building trust; * Aligning Your Department With CU Strategy (A1023 online and S1319 print)-- improve the way team members interact and solve problems by learning how to decrease stress, turnover and operating costs, and improve the credit union’s public image; * Money and Negotiable Instruments (A1024 online and S1322 print)--demonstrates the methods for handling cash, share drafts, and other negotiable instruments; explains the clearing process; and summarizes the processes for detecting counterfeit money and bad checks; * Reconciling Records (A1013 online and S1315 print)--illustrates how funds move among financial institutions and how to appropriately reconcile cash, share draft, credit, debit, automated clearing house transactions, and investment accounts; * Recognizing Emerging Fraudulent Practices (A1015 online and S1317 print)--learn to spot identity theft, fraudulent share drafts, embezzlement, phishing, other new security breaches, and become familiar with new fraud-detection systems and other security technologies; * Resolving Employee Conflict (A1016 online and M38 print)--outlines the tools necessary for creating a positive atmosphere when rapid conflict resolution is necessary; * Transitioning to Trainer (A1018 online and M39 print)--explores the principles of adult learning and the techniques to make your training memorable, effective, and motivational through interactive, learner-centered activities and technology; * Recruiting Today’s Employee (A1019 online and M40 print)--identifies special skills to write job descriptions, evaluate resumes, select applicants, conduct job interviews, and establish salaries, and teaches legal guidelines that cover these activities; * Regulation CC Training on Demand for Staff (stock number FC104P)--shows how to determine the timing of fund availability, how to recognize the difference between local and non local checks, and what is considered a business day under Reg CC to help fulfill annual training requirements; * Sexual Harassment Training on Demand for Staff (stock number FC106P)--clarifies what constitutes harassment, how it negatively affects morale and the credit union's image, and what can be done to prevent and correct it; * The Basics of Internal Controls Training on Demand for Volunteers (stock number VC111P)--uncovers the complexities of the Supervisory Committee's roles and responsibilities for an effective internal control environment that covers all areas of operations; and * Local Involvement: Marketing Strategy and Community Benefit Training on Demand for Volunteers (stock number VC112P)--helps develop credit union growth strategies that combine successful local involvement techniques with modern marketing strategies.