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EPL renegotiates collections system contract for smaller CUs

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (5/9/08)--TopNotch, a web-based overdue-account collection system that helps credit unions manage delinquent and charged-off accounts, will be more affordable for small- and medium-sized credit unions. EPL Inc. and Guthrie Phillips Group Inc. of Vancouver, B.C., extended their contract for five years to make the system available. Under terms of the agreement, TopNotch will be available as a hosted service through EPL for all U.S. credit unions. EPL is a Birmingham, Ala.-based credit union-owned integrated technology solutions provider. Guthrie Phillips Group is a software developer and supplier.

ACH contactless payments topics of CUNA Mutual webinar

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MADISON, Wis. (5/9/08)--Futurists predict that momentum is building toward a cashless society, and CUNA Mutual is offering a webinar for credit union staff to learn about contactless payments. The webinar will be held May 14 at 11 a.m., and May 28 at 3 p.m. (EDT). Ann Davidson, CUNA Mutual credit union protection risk manager and payment systems industry expert, will discuss:
* The need for credit unions to focus on the security of payment options to protect members’ money and information; * Packaging payment options based on the level of risk, due diligence and vendor management; and * Best practices to improve security, reduce fraud and manage payment risk.

CUNA offers new on-demand training topics

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MADISON, Wis. (5/9/08)--The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) announced that it is expanding the topics for its training on-demand series. CUNA’s offerings are geared toward credit union staff and volunteers. Each offering includes a downloadable package with 30- to 45-minute video, printable workbooks and five online exams. The presentations can be downloaded to a computer, DVD or USB drive. Topics for 2008 include:
* Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) for Front-Line Staff--Familiarizes staff with BSA requirements by providing an overview of BSA, including specific actions and documentations that front-line staff must complete to comply with regulations; * CU Sales: Inquiring and Listening--Encourages using communication to build a relationship with members to better understand their situation and their financial needs and goals. Participants are taught strong listening skills and how to ask the right kinds of questions to better serve members by recommending the right products and services to meet their needs; * Regulation CC--Helps credit unions achieve annual staff training requirements for Regulation CC and provides information and advice to determine the timing of fund availability, as stipulated in the regulation. Participants will recognize the difference between local and non-local checks and what is considered a business day under Regulation CC; * Subject-Matter Expert to Trainer: Training Basics--Outlines the basics of training staff efficiently and effectively to prepare subject-matter experts to teach credit union professionals and encourage development in themselves and others; * Sexual Harassment--Shows staff what constitutes harassment, how it negatively affects morale and the credit union's image, and what can be done to prevent and correct it; * Money and Negotiable Instruments--Details methods for detecting counterfeit money and recognizing bad checks to help prevent fraud. It also improves efficiency and accuracy through understanding the methods for handling cash, share drafts, and traveler’s checks, as well as accepting deposits; and * Office of Foreign Assets Control--Presents up-to-date information regarding the Office of Foreign Assets Control to ensure requirements have been met prior to an examination.
The titles will be added to this current list of volunteer offerings during 2008:
* Assessing the CEO--Walks volunteers through their responsibilities in the CEO performance-management process and provides tips to develop or enhance the process at their credit unions; * The Directors' Role When Complaints are Filed Against Senior Management--Provides a step-by-step process when a complaint is filed against management and how to prepare for this possibility before there are problems; * Credit Union Growth Strategies--Details different growth strategies that credit unions have implemented for growing assets, loans, and members and offers tips to ensure everyone is working toward the same goal; * So, You Have a Community Charter ... Now What?--Explores the fundamental steps to staying focused on new charter objectives, including communicating to various audiences, marketing, sponsorships, and other necessary resources; * The Basics of Internal Controls--Uncovers the complexities of the supervisory committee's roles and responsibilities for an effective internal control environment that covers all areas of operations; * Local Involvement: Marketing Strategy and Community Benefit--Helps develop credit union growth strategies that combine historically successful local involvement techniques with modern marketing strategies; * Understanding the Audit Report--Helps the supervisory committee to better understand and evaluate the audit report, financial statements, and the auditor’s findings and recommendations to increase the report’s overall value; * Overseeing the Outside Audit--Helps the supervisory committee to select an auditor and get the most benefit from the audit and auditor; and * The Robbery: Actions, Reactions and Coping Skills--Advises staff on the steps to take before, during and after a robbery.
For more information on the new webinars or for a complete list of CUNA Training on Demand offerings, use the links.

Handling robberies is first topic of on-demand training series

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MADISON, Wis. (5/9/08)--Recent violent robberies at credit unions brings home the need for credit union staff to be trained to handle any robbery situation--no matter how frightening. Credit union staff can prepare themselves for robberies with the first release in a series of on-demand trainings by the Credit Union National Association. The Robbery: Actions, Reactions, and Coping Skills Training on Demand advises staff on the steps to take before, during and after a robbery to cope with the experience and to avoid action that could endanger members or staff. Training on demand includes a downloadable package with a 30-45 minute video training presentation, workbooks and five online exams. The presentations can be saved to a computer, DVD or USB drive. For more this and other on-demand training topics, use the link.