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Diebold offering customized ATM services

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NORTH CANTON, Ohio (8/10/11)--Diebold Inc. is helping two credit unions tailor their member service experiences by customizing their ATM fleets. Diebold is a CUNA Strategic Services provider. An evaluation of its aging ATM fleet prompted $3 billion asset Desert Schools FCU, Phoenix, to refresh its entire self-service network. Diebold will replace 21 of Desert Schools FCU’s ATMs and upgrade another 67 terminals, adding advanced deposit-automation technology and personalized marketing capabilities. Diebold will deliver security, financial and maintenance services including anti-virus malware protection, RemoteLink to securely pull the electronic ATM journal files and first- and second-line maintenance. The outsourced solutions will help Desert Schools meet compliance and regulatory mandates, streamline ATM management and maximize uptime for its self-service network. “As we investigated options for upgrading our ATM fleet to ensure our members have access to the latest self-service technologies, we also wanted to improve our ATM monitoring and reporting capabilities,” said C. Lee Brice, Desert Schools senior vice president of strategic direction and operations. Diebold will outfit 67 of the credit union’s Opteva ATMs, including new and upgraded terminals, with deposit automation capabilities. Using the ATMs’ enhanced note acceptors and intelligent depository modules to deposit cash and checks, users will verify deposit amounts on screen. Upon acceptance of a transaction, the ATMs will print deposit details, including check images, on receipts. The ATMs also will present personalized marketing messages. Using Diebold’s Agilis Campaign Office software, Desert Schools will standardize branding across its entire ATM fleet, including uniform screen layouts, logos and interfaces. The software allows the credit union to tailor offers to specific markets, demographics and even individual members. Diebold also assisted University FCU (UFCU), Austin, Texas, in creating a teller-less banking environment. UFCU plans to open three teller-less branches in the region to provide members with independent, personalized, banking experiences. UFCU designed open, inviting branches and Diebold will provide a unique terminal that will combine self-service deposit automation technology with personal human interaction. A key to implementing teller-less branches is using ATMs with deposit automation technology. UFCU’s custom-designed Diebold ATMs support envelope-free transactions in which users load cash and checks directly into the machine. Enhanced note acceptors accept up to 50 mixed-denomination notes, and intelligent depository modules process checks and bill payment documents. The ATM displays cash and check deposit details on screen and prints details, including check images, on receipts. “We want member interactions with UFCU to be about their experience,” said Steve Kubala, UFCU senior vice president of operations and chief operating officer. “Each positive interaction will increase members’ comfort levels and encourage them to grow with us as a partner.” At the new branches, UFCU members will enter an open environment featuring individual banking stations. Each station includes a Diebold Opteva ATM, a podium and a collaboration desk. Personal financial representatives (PFRs) staffing each podium will welcome members and offer assistance with ATM transactions. The PFRs serve as credit union ambassadors--not tellers--who interact with members in a personalized, member-centric fashion. The banking station helps members complete self-service check and cash deposit and withdrawal transactions at the ATM. It also presents opportunities for PFRs to inquire about members’ needs. “Teller-less branches provide a unique level of autonomy for banking customers, allowing them to manage their own transactions,” said Charles E. Ducey Jr., Diebold executive vice president of North America operations. “But individuals may still need support. The branch designs we have developed with UFCU enable the credit union to offer that personalized support in a comfortable, sales-oriented environment.”

ICU Day 2011 artwork on CUNA website

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MADISON, Wis. (8/10/11)--Graphics and coloring pages for International Credit Union (ICU) Day 2011--Oct. 20--are available for download from the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) website. The free artwork includes two coloring pages, as both jpegs and pdfs. The “world” coloring page uses the ICU Day logo of homes encircling earth and this year’s slogan, “Credit Unions Build a Better World.” The “members” coloring page features this year’s slogan above a depiction of members waiting to enter through a credit union’s glass doors. CUNA’s ICU Day website also links to a free demo of Credit Union Copy and Art Express. The site provides a free, high-resolution poster art (prints up to 8 1/2 inches x 11 inches) and two free ICU Day website graphics, which credit unions can use to link ICU Day celebration messages on their own websites. Credit unions can modify the free ICU Day articles and press releases.