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Marketing & Business Development

Fresh marketing and business development professionals deliver dynamic and effective marketing to grow and maintain membership at their credit union.
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Discover insight.

Emerging technologies can be difficult to use properly without key insight into leading-edge marketing tactics. If new trends and technologies have your head spinning, CUNA can be your solution.

RESOURCES: CUNA Market Research, CUNA Marketing Management School, CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Membership and Conference, Credit Union Magazine

Build trust.

Trust is not easily earned. A credit union must be positioned as a reliable source that offers a lifetime of relevant products. Deliver the best service possible to enhance loyalty and satisfaction at the exact time.

RESOURCES: CUNA Creating Member Loyalty™, National Credit Union Youth Week™, International Credit Union Day®, Drive-up Envelopes & Statement Stuffers, Youth Products

Amplify your resources.

Overcome your marketing constraints of limited time, tools and budget by implementing smart thinking and making the most of what you do have. The right resources amplify positive results.

RESOURCES: Home & Family Finance® Resource Center, Googolplex®, Plan It™, MoneyMix™, El Poder es Tuyo™, Copy & Art Express™, Seminars in a Box™ for Members  

Tap your power.

Harness strategic insight across various work disciplines and sharpen best practices and front-runner ideas. Having a seat at the table to receive executive buy-in is a powerful feeling.

RESOURCES: CUNA Market Research, CUNA Environmental Scan (E-Scan), CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Membership, Credit Union Magazine

Achieve balance.

Every step you take is critical, and you don’t have the luxury of “practice makes perfect.” Learn how to maximize your abilities in social media, technology and regulations to keep you up-to-date with the latest marketing trends.

RESOURCES: CUNA Marketing Management School, CUNA FUSE–Branch Operations & Business Development School, CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Membership and Conference, Copy & Art Express™

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