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Credit Union Front Line Newsletter

For a limited time sign-up for a quarterly complimentary webinar presented by Credit Union Front Line newsletter.

Past webinars include:


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Engage and educate your front-line staff, empowering them to improve their sales and service with Credit Union Front Line Newsletter. It’s packed with sales strategies, risk-management tactics and real-life examples of outstanding member service.

The newsletter offers valuable training on:

  • Protecting credit unions from counterfeit currency, check fraud and identity theft
  • Mastering effective communication skills
  • Reducing stress and maintaining a work/life balance
  • Dealing with difficult members or staff
  • Recognizing sales opportunities
  • Understanding need-to-know regulations
  • Preparing for robberies and other emergencies
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About Credit Union Front Line Newsletter

Print version

Every subscription includes six copies of each monthly issue, making it a very affordable educational tool. It’s like getting six subscriptions for the price of one! 2017 pricing will be effective January 1, 2017. 

Affiliated Credit Union Rates
Each subscription includes 6 copies per issue
  1 Year

2 Year*

3 Year*
1 subscription Greater than $50M $316 (2016) / $325 (2017) $564 (2016) / TBA (2017)
$749 (2016) / TBA (2017)
1 subscription $50M or less $253 (2016) / $260 (2017)
$451 (2016) / TBA (2017)
$599 (2016) / TBA (2017)
Non-Affiliated Credit Union Rates
Each subscription includes 6 copies per issue
1 Year 2 Year* 3 Year*
1 subscription Greater than $50M $520 (2017) TBA (2017)
TBA (2017)
1 subscription $50M or less $650 (2017)
TBA (2017)
TBA (2017)

*New subscribers only

PDF version

PDF subscription gives you flexible ways to distribute the newsletter to staff. For your one-year subscription period, you'll have ongoing access to screen-optimized and print-optimized PDFs of each monthly issue and access to all back issues of Credit Union Front Line Newsletter.

Each month you'll receive an e-mail announcing the posting of new PDF files. You'll have the opportunity to: download a print-optimized Credit Union Front Line Newsletter PDF, send it to your color printer and print the exact number of copies you need or access a screen-optimized PDF and email it to staff. This version is a smaller file that's easy to send and read online and is perfect for sending to staff in remote locations. You may also choose to post the screen-optimized newsletter on your intranet for staff to read online. As you save and archive each issue on your intranet, your staff will have quick and easy access.

Affiliated Credit Union Rates
  1 Year 2 Year*
3 Year*
PDF subscription $1,693 (2016) / $1744 (2017)
$3,269 (2016)/ TBA (2017)
$4,733 / TBA (2017)
Non-Affiliated Credit Union Rates
1 Year 2 Year* 3 Year*
PDF subscription $3488 (2017)
TBA (2017)
 TBA (2017)

*New subscribers only


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