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Track regulatory changes with real-time updates

Order now for $349 per year ($269 for credit unions under $21M)

CUNA RegTraC keeps you updated on regulations your credit union needs to know, including real-time compliance regulation and law updates in this easy-to-use, downloadable PDF format. The PDF reference materials are designed for compliance professionals, management, senior executives and anyone needing a detailed regulations reference focusing on the following areas:

  • Deposit Account Regulations
  • General Operations Regulations
  • Consumer Lending Regulations
  • Mortgage Lending Regulations
  • NCUA Requirements & Guidance

Additional needs that CUNA RegTraC meets include:

Real-time updates
Revisions to the reference materials are done continuously and you will be notified when an update has been posted.
Access for all credit union staff
As compliance continues to affect additional staff positions, CUNA RegTraC will be accessible to all staff of subscribing credit unions.
Referencing regulations easily
The downloadable PDF includes detailed discussion of the regulations, marketing issues to consider and products affected by the regulations, audit checklists, record retention guides and examples of required forms.

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