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CUNA defense of rate risk among News Now's June Top 10
MADISON, Wis. (7/2/14)--An article describing how a Wall Street Journal report on credit union interest-rate and credit risk missed several key points was the most-read News Now story in June.
Also, an article about a Credit Union National Association letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal defending credit unions strong record of managing interest-rate risk was the third-most read article of the month.
The second-most read article was an interview with outgoing CUNA President/CEO Bill Cheney, who took over as president/CEO of  $10 billion-asset SchoolsFirst FCU, Santa Ana., Calif., in June.
The Top 10 articles for the month:
10. Lively back and forth defines RBC Listening Session

LOS ANGELES (6/27/14)--It was a lively back and forth at Thursday's National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Listening Session here, with credit union participants enumerating their concerns with the regulator's risk-based capital (RBC) plan and the agency responding with thoughts about possible changes to the proposal.
9. CUNA: NCUA should respond to Hill RBC concerns with meaningful changes to proposal

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (6/2/14)--The NCUA responded Friday to 324 federal lawmakers who voiced concern about the agency's proposed risk-based capital plan. The bipartisan collection of House members joined Reps. Peter King (R-N.Y.) and Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) earlier this month to express their concern over the NCUA proposed rule and urged the federal agency to ensure the proposal does not adversely affect small businesses and credit union members.
8. NCUA state data shows loan, membership growth hot spots

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (6/6/14)--Idaho credit unions were at the top of many categories in the NCUA's state-level data from the first quarter of this year. The NCUA Quarterly U.S. Map Review is prepared by NCUA's Office of the Chief Economist and tracks performance indicators for federally insured credit unions in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
7. Supreme Court mandates new look at ruling that allows MBS lawsuits

WASHINGTON (6/17/14)--The Supreme Court yesterday instructed the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit to re-examine a ruling that allowed the NCUA to sue several banks for alleged deceptive practices when selling mortgage-backed securities. This stems from a Supreme Court decision last week that defined in the environmental context the difference between statutes of limitation and statutes of repose, and whether various forms of "pausing" the period of time set forth by statute apply to statutes of repose.
6. First malware threats stalks mobile banking security

WOBURN, Mass. (6/17/14)--In what may be the first major security threat to mobile banking users, Kaspersky Lab discovered that a breed of malware targeting mobile devices had made its way from Russia to the United States.
5. NCUA reminds CUs to amend CUSO agreements

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (6/11/14)--Federally insured credit unions investing in or lending to a credit union service organization (CUSO) must amend the contractual agreement by the end of this month, in accordance with the new CUSO rule from the NCUA.
4. After record 2,052 comments, NCUA's next steps on RBC plan

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (6/12/14)--The NCUA's risk-based capital proposal received a record 2,052 comment letters by the May 28 deadline, surpassing the previous record of 1,300 received in 1995 on proposal that set all rules for federally insured corporate credit unions.
3. CUNA letter in WSJ: CU assets well managed, pose no undue risk

WASHINGTON (6/23/14)--In a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal , published Saturday, the Credit Union National Association defended credit unions strong record of managing interest rate risk.
2. Cheney reflects on tenure as CUNA CEO
WASHINGTON (6/10/14)--Today marks the last day that Bill Cheney will walk through the doors of 601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW as president/CEO of the Credit Union National Association.
1. CUNA: WSJ report takes unbalanced view of CU interest rate risk
WASHINGTON (6/9/14)--A Wall Street Journal story published Friday regarding credit union interest rate and credit risk misses some important points, according to Credit Union National Association analysis of credit union financials.


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