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Corporate Governance Committee

  • Review proposed changes to CUNA's Articles of Incorporation.
  • Review proposed amendments to CUNA's Bylaws.
  • Review the CUNA Director Nomination and Election Procedures and make recommendations concerning them.
  • Periodically (not less than once every five years) review credit union size groups for purposes of CUNA director elections.
  • Oversee the nomination and election of CUNA Directors and votes of the membership on other matters.
  • Supervise all balloting at meetings of the CUNA Delegates and serve as a board of tellers.
  • Oversee the balloting of all issues presented to the membership for vote by mail or electronic means.
  • Review proposed updates to the CUNA Board of Directors' Policy Manual.

Susan Parisi (Staff Liaison)

Troy Stang (Chair)
Northwest Credit Union Association, Seatac, WA

Bradley L. Green (Vice Chair)
Listerhill Credit Union, Sheffield, AL

Becky Book (Members)
Pawtucket Credit Union, Pawtucket, RI

Pete Dzuris (Members)
Northland Area Federal Credit Union, Oscoda, MI

Tracey Hannah (Members)
CommunityAmerica CU, Lenexa, KS

Bill Heyer (Members)
Pentagon Federal CU, McLean, VA

Larry Higgins (Members)
Founders FCU, Lancaster, SC

Debie Keesee (Members)
Spokane Media Federal Credit Union, Spokane, WA