Small Credit Union Committee

The success of smaller credit unions is vital to the future of the credit union movement. The committee will be comprised chiefly of officials from smaller credit unions and will track issues affecting small credit unions. The committee will also promote unity between credit unions of all sizes and strive to defend against any and all threats to their cooperative, not-for-profit, democratic structure.

Although there is no precise measure of "Small," the committee will use $100 million in assets as a rough definition, recognizing that factors other than size may determine the characterization of a "small" credit union.

Bob Hoel (FRI) (Staff Liaison)

Tom Sakash (Staff Liaison)

Mike Schenk (Staff Liaison)

Lori Herrick (Chair)
Manchester Municipal FCU, Manchester, CT

Dale Hansard (Vice Chair)
Caprock FCU, Lamesa, TX

Linda Bodie (Members)
Element FCU, Charleston, WV

Amy Brodersen (Members)
Family Focus FCU, Omaha, NE

Becky Brosius (Members)
Combined FCU, Hot Springs, AR

Tom Flowers (Members)
Calhoun Liberty ECU, Blountstown, FL

Nick Fugal (Members)
Clarity CU, Nampa, ID

Tina Jamo (Members)
Katahdin FCU, Millinocket, ME

Roxanne Jensen (Members)
Embarrass Vermillion FCU, Aurora, MN

Harlene Johnson (Members)
Light Commerce CU, Houston, TX

Karen Madry (Members)
Afena FCU, Marion, IN

Joey Minton (Members)
Mississippi DHS FCU, Jackson, MS

Stephen Nelson (Members)
Utah CU Association, Salt Lake City, UT

Eric Orellana (Members)
Comunidad Latina FCU, Santa Ana, CA

Teri Robinson (Members)
Pacific Northwest Ironworkers FCU, Portland, OR

Brian Trotter (Members)
EPB Employees CU, Chattanooga, TN