Small Credit Union Committee

The success of smaller credit unions is vital to the future of the credit union movement. The committee will be comprised chiefly of officials from smaller credit unions and will track issues affecting small credit unions. The committee will also promote unity between credit unions of all sizes and strive to defend against any and all threats to their cooperative, not-for-profit, democratic structure.

Although there is no precise measure of "Small," the committee will use $100 million in assets as a rough definition, recognizing that factors other than size may determine the characterization of a "small" credit union.

Mike Schenk (Staff Liaison)

Bob Hoel (FRI) (Staff Liaison)

Stephanie Sievers (Chair)
ANECA Federal Credit Union, Shreveport, LA

Gary Parker (Vice Chair)
1st University Credit Union, Waco, TX

Christopher Bruno (Members)
McKesson Employees FCU, San Francisco, CA

Tom Kane (Members)
Illinois Credit Union League, Naperville, IL

Keith McKinley (Members)
The Infirmary Federal Credit Union, Mobile, AL

Mira Ness (Members)
New York University FCU, New York, NY

Maggie Pope (Members)
Peru Federal Credit Union, Peru, NY

Teri Robinson (Members)
Pacific Northwest Ironworkers FCU, Portland, OR

Bill Rochford (Members)
Vanderbilt University Credit Union, Nashville, TN

Eunice Rogers (Members)
NRS Community Development FCU, Birmingham, AL

Stacy Tallent (Members)
Health Center Credit Union, Evans, GA

Carrie Wood (Members)
Timberland Federal Credit Union, Du Bois, PA