CUNA Leadership Team

Through advocacy, communication and world-class products and services, CUNA's Leadership Team will empower credit unions and drive the success of our movement.

Photo of Jim Nussle
Jim Nussle


Photo of James Carrick
James Carrick

Vice President of Learning Events

Photo of Joe Day
Joe Day

Vice President of Data Management & Business Systems

Photo of Richard Dines
Richard Dines

Executive Engagement Strategist

Photo of Ryan Donovan
Ryan Donovan

Chief Advocacy Officer

Photo of Nick Emlet
Nick Emlet

Senior Director of Enterprise Governance

Photo of Elizabeth Eurgubiann
Elizabeth Eurgubian

Deputy Chief Advocacy Officer

Photo of Marlo Foltz
Marlo Foltz

Vice President of Blended Learning, Products & Services

Photo of Richard Gose
Richard Gose

Chief Political Officer

Photo of Trey Hawkins
Trey Hawkins

Deputy Chief Advocacy Officer for Political Action

Photo of Kate Herzer
Kate Herzer

Vice President of Business Development

Photo of Jessica Hrubes
Jessica Hrubes

Vice President of Strategic Credit Union Relations

Photo of Jared Ihrig
Jared Ihrig

Chief Compliance Officer

Photo of Eli Joseph
Eli Joseph

Deputy Chief Advocacy Officer for Congressional Relations

Photo of Scott Lopez
Scott Lopez

Vice President of HR & Organizational Development

Photo of Greg Michlig
Greg Michlig

Chief Engagement Officer

Photo of Brad Miller
Brad Miller

Executive Director, AACUL

Photo of Dan Mitchell
Dan Mitchell

Director, Application Delivery

Photo of Amy Nigrelli
Amy Nigrelli

Chief Marketing & Digital Officer

Photo of Susan Lentz Parisi
Susan Lentz Parisi

Chief Corporate Counsel

Photo of Ann Peterson
Ann Peterson

Vice President of Content

Photo of Eddie Rivera
Eddie Rivera

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of David Rohn
David Rohn

Vice President of CUNA Councils

Photo of Mike Schenk
Mike Schenk

Deputy Chief Advocacy Officer for Policy Analysis & Chief Economist

Photo of Catie Shannon
Catie Shannon

Senior Director, Strategy Enablement

Photo of Todd Spiczenski
Todd Spiczenski

Chief Products & Services Officer

Photo of Curt Taylor
Curt Taylor

Director of Technology Delivery

Photo of Jill Tomalin
Jill Tomalin

Chief Operating Officer