CUNA-League System Small CU Webinar Series

 August 4, 2020-Spring 2021

Small CU League Webinar 2020

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Combining the resources of CUNA-League System to provide actionable, relevant and operation-improving best practices while bringing free education to small credit unions on the most important issues they face. CUNA-League System Small CU Webinar Series will be live webinars that take place at 3 PM ET (2 PM CT), beginning August 4, 2020 and running through Spring 2021. They will be 60- to 90-minute webinar sessions that will be recorded and uploaded to this page. This series demonstrates the difference we can make when CUNA and your Leagues collaborate to support the credit union movement.

While subjects are wide-ranging, the webinars will aim to answer many of the biggest questions facing small credit unions, including how to gain new members, strengthen their lending, improve board engagement, invest in technology, continue serving members impactfully and many more.

Thanks to all Leagues for their participation in this webinar series. And a big thank you to our sponsors CUNA Mutual Group and LSC

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Each webinar will be recorded and uploaded to this page once finished. Check back each week for the uploaded session.

August 4, 2020: Member growth (recorded)

Title: New member growth: Learn from the best in the industry
Webinar recording: View presentation
Hosted by: Credit Union National Association 
Speaker: Tom Sakash, manager Small CU initiatives, CUNA 

  • Teri Robinson, president/CEO, Ironworkers USA FCU
  • Mira Ness, president/CEO, NYU FCU
  • Winona Nava, president/CEO, Guadalupe CU

Session Description: CUNA Manager of Small CU Initiatives Tom Sakash will lead a panel discussion with small credit unions who are adding members like you WISH you were. They will share what's working, and how you can replicate their success at your credit union. By the end of the webinar, you will absolutely be asking yourself: “What's in the box?”

August 11, 2020: Budgeting post COVID-19 (recorded)

Title: Revising your budget following COVID-19 Pandemic
Webinar recording: View presentation
Hosted by: Minnesota Credit Union Network
Kris Jacobsen, Business Development Director, Minnesota Credit Union Network

Session description: Never in history have we experienced change at the velocity we have seen in 2020.  Any and all plans went out the window - including many budgets. Credit unions have had to react and respond to serve members in immediate new ways. So what's next, and how do we start planning again? Budgeting post COVID19 will be critical for credit unions if we are to come out of this pandemic stronger then when we all went in. Join us for a panel discussion with several Minnesota Credit Union colleagues to share ideas and best practices as we work to budget in the new normal. 

August 18, 2020: Know your members (recorded)
Title: Getting to know your members A LOT better and why DEI matters
Webinar recording: View presentation

Hosted by: Wisconsin Credit Union League   
Speaker:  Josh Roberts, CCUE, CUDE, VP of System Collaboration & Development

For credit unions to be effective in serving their communities, they must first understand the diversity in their communities. The focus of diversity, equity, and inclusion are so much more than visible characteristics, and what separates us, but rather what makes our communities better. This isn't a journey that each credit union needs to tackle on their own. Credit unions can partner with community groups, local organizations and other credit unions to help create a path to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

In this session, we will:

  • Define diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Understand how to breakdown what the perceived diversity in your communities is and educate staff, boards, and members on the realities of diversity in your community through various resources
  • How to make the business case for DEI and how to make sure your credit union's internal culture matches with your external culture
  • Making sure the credit union isn't just talking about DEI but is instead actively showcasing their efforts
August 25, 2020: Serving members online (recorded)

Title: Serving members online and best practices in fighting fraud 
Webinar recording: View presentation
Hosted by: Illinois Credit Union League 
Speaker: Libby Calderone

Session description: During this session, Libby Calderone, president/COO of LSC will cover potential delivery channels for you to offer, the growth in online delivery of financial services, and how to protect your credit union and your members from new threats of fraud.

September 1, 2020: Succession planning (recorded)

Title: Succession planning: The two most important words in your vocabulary
Webinar recording: View presentation
Hosted by: Montana's Credit Unions      
Speaker: Jim Kasch

Session description: A meaningful succession plan is more than identifying who will take over if the CEO wins the lottery. All critical positions at the credit union must be identified and planned for. It should also include a defined talent review, identification of employees throughout the organization that are ready for stretch assignments or promotion, and it should align with well-defined leadership expectations. In this brisk and helpful webinar, Jim will lay out best practices for credit unions of all sizes.

September 8, 2020: History & Philosophy of the Credit Union Movement (recorded)

Title: History & Philosophy of the Credit Union Movement: One for your ENTIRE staff
Webinar recording: View Presentation
Hosted by: Association of Vermont Credit Unions
Speakers: Joe Bergeron, President & John Cote, Director of Information Services

Session Description: Journey through 170 years of the movement's history, philosophy, structure, and other aspects with two insiders who have a combined 60 years of experience. Gain a better understanding of the not-for-profit, cooperative business model that makes our industry unique among financial institutions. Discover how “the financial circle” informs and differentiates management's decisions to deliver the best results for members. And obtain insights into where mottos such as “people helping people” and “not for profit, not for charity, but for service” originated.

September 15, 2020: Financial Counseling Tips Anyone Can Use to Help Members (recorded)

Title: Financial Counseling Tips Anyone Can Use to Help Members
Webinar recording: View presentation
Handout: PowerPoint Presentation
Handout: Budgeting worksheet  
Handout: 8 helpful links

Hosted by: Louisiana Credit Union League 
Speaker: Susie Fair, CCUE, CMS, CCUFC 

Description: Now more than ever, many of our members are facing financial stress that they were unprepared for.  Even members with high credit scores or who have never made late payments have been blindsided by job furloughs, layoffs, and mounting expenses.  Even if your credit union does not have certified financial counselors on staff, there are still many ways that we can all provide guidance to help our members through this unprecedented time.  In this session, Susie Fair, CCUFC and primary instructor of Louisiana's enhanced FiCEP course will share tips and proven best practices to help members cut unnecessary spending and prioritize their expenses in relation to their income. 

September 22, 2020: Performance management (recorded)

Title: Performance management
Webinar recording: View presentation
Handout: PowerPoint presentation 
Hosted by: Ohio Credit Union League   
Speakers: Stacie VanDenBerghe, CEO at CU Innovate Corp

This session will cover the ways in which leaders can exercise extreme ownership with their teams in order to help each and every team member reach their full potential while maximizing performance. From hiring and on boarding to coaching and mentoring, leaders are setting the foundation for success. Every single employee not only represents your credit union but is also a direct reflection of their leadership. Take your leadership to the next level by implementing a new way of imagining our business and supporting the growth and development of your team.


September 29, 2020: CORE Processor “The BIG Question” (recorded)

Hosted by: Tennessee Credit Union League  
Webinar recording:View presentation 

Handout:PowerPoint presentation
Speaker: TBD  

Session Description: When it's time to leave and what you need to know to do it successfully. More than 600 credit unions have changed cores in the past five years. Todd Proulx of f64 business services will share insight on what you need to know to do it successfully.

October 6, 2020: Data analytics

Title: Demystifying big data 
Hosted by: Utah's Credit Unions      
Speaker: Stephen Nelson 

Session Description: Data analytics is a key tool for credit union growth, and it's NOT just for larger credit unions. Learn simple strategies for harnessing your members' data to grow your loans during this 90-minute session.


October 13, 2020: The Secret to Making Difficult Conversations Easier

Title: The Secret to Making Difficult Conversations Easier
Hosted by: Iowa Credit Union League  
Speaker: Adam Carroll  

In the midst of all of the change in our environments, the ability to have difficult conversations needs to be in everyone's toolkit. In this strategic and thought-provoking webinar, Adam Carroll will share the method and framework he's teaching organizations that make difficult conversations a breeze. If you've struggled with how to either proactively or reactively handle a difficult member or employee, this is for you!


October 20, 2020: Growing a Small CU in a Rural Setting

Title: Growing a Small CU in a Rural Setting
Hosted by: Credit Union Association of New Mexico 
Speaker: Cody Lewis, Chief Administrative Officer of Jemez Valley CU 

Join Cody Lewis as he shares his credit union's journey of how they have grown in a rural setting. A journey from overcoming troubles to examiner expectations to celebrations of success.

October 27, 2020: Contract negotiation

Title: Contract, negotiation, vendor management & controlling expenses 
Hosted by: MD|DC Credit Union Association       
Speaker: Michael Crofts 

November 3, 2020: Marketing efforts post COVID-19

Title: Marketing efforts post COVID-19 pandemic: What small credit unions need to know 
Hosted by: League of Southeastern Credit Union & Affiliates (LSCU) 
Speaker: Ann Howard 

November 10, 2020: NCUA's learning management service

Title: NCUA's learning management service 
Hosted by: Nebraska Credit Union League  
Speaker: Kathryn Baxter 

November 17, 2020: Digital marketing

Title: Digital marketing
Hosted by: Virginia Credit Union League 
Speaker: Nicole Widell

November 24, 2020: Member experience

Title: Creating extraordinary member experiences 
Hosted by: Mississippi Credit Union Association       
Speaker: Angela Prestil

December: 1, 2020: Technology best practices

Title: Technology best practices 
Hosted by: Cornerstone Credit Union League 
Speaker: Idrees Rafiq

December 8, 2020: TBD

Hosted by: Northwest Credit Union Association      
Speaker: Panel of Northwest credit union leaders 

December 15, 2020: Sales & service

Title: 'Life Changers' sales & service presentation 
Hosted by: Kentucky Credit Union League 
Speaker: Eileen Burden  

December 22, 2020: Digital advocacy

Title: Digital advocacy 
Hosted by: Mountain West Credit Union Association  
Speaker: Christopher Kemm 

January 5, 2021: Strategic planning

Title: Strategy in a box: Virtual version of strategic planning 
Hosted by: Carolinas Credit Union League  
Speaker: Jim Kasch

January 12, 2021: Becoming a CDFI

Title: Benefits and process of becoming a CDFI 
Hosted by: Hawaii Credit Union League 
Speaker: Pablo DeFilippi 

January 19, 2021: Recruiting and retaining talent

Title: Recruiting and retaining talent
Hosted by: CrossState Credit Union Association      
Speaker: TBD

January 26, 2021: Board management

Title: Working Effectively with your Board 
Hosted by: Heartland Credit Union Association  
Speaker: Brad Douglas

February 2, 2021: TBD

Hosted by: Cooperative Credit Union Association  
Speaker: TBD 

February 9, 2021: TBD

Hosted by: Michigan Credit Union League 
Speaker: TBD 

February 16, 2021: DEI

Title: DEI: It's more than meets the eye
Hosted by: California/Nevada Credit Union Leagues                                        
Speaker: Jill Nowacki

February 23, 2021: TBD

Hosted by: New York Credit Union Association  
Speaker: TBD 

March 9, 2021: TBD

Hosted by: Indiana Credit Union League 
Speaker: TBD 

March 16, 2021: Student lending

Hosted by: Credit Union League of Connecticut 
Speaker: Lori Herrick  

March 23, 2021: Leadership, empowerment and communication

Title: Leadership, empowerment and communication 
Hosted by: Maine Credit Union League                     
Speaker: Stacy Rodenberger

March 30, 2021: TBD

Hosted by: West Virginia Credit Union League  
Speaker: TBD

April 6, 2021: TBD

Hosted by: CUNA Mutual Group
Speaker: TBD

April 13, 2021: The state of Small CUs
Title: The state of Small CUs
Hosted by: