Appropriations and Congressional Budget Process


The congressional budget process calls for members of Congress and Senators to fund various programs through 12 appropriations bills each fiscal year. Unfortunately, in recent history, the government has funded those programs through continuing resolutions or omnibus legislation; rather than working through regular order to pass the appropriations bills. Sometimes this way of providing government funding may have unintended consequences. Thus, CUNA works closely with the Appropriations Committee to ensure that issues impacting credit unions and their members are addressed and that legislation with these unintended consequences does not become law.  

Where We Stand

In September, credit union advocates scored a major victory in the House when it voted to pass H.R. 3354, an appropriations bill that contains several major victories for credit unions. The bill keeps NCUA out of the appropriations process and contains significant regulatory relief, including changes to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). 

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