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CUNA, Joint Trades Urge FCC To Ensure Standardized Call Blocking Notification Begins in 2022
Posted June 07, 2021 by CUNA Advocacy

On Friday, CUNA, along with several other trade associations, filed comment in response to a recent petition by USTelecom asking the FCC to permit a flexible range of notification methods when calls are blocked, rather than the use of SIP/ISUP Codes in the Commission’s December 2020 Order. The petition also seeks to delay the January 1, 2022 implementation date of the blocked call notification requirement. The joint comments urge the FCC to maintain the requirement that the Voice Service Providers use the SIP/ISUP Codes because a standardized notification method is critical for credit unions to be able to receive it and recognize their calls are being blocked. If the SIP/ISUP Codes are not yet technically operational by the January 1, 2022 deadline, the comments suggest the Commission should permit an alternative method of notification in the interim, as long as that interim method is immediate, informs the caller the call is being blocked, and who is blocking it.