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CUNA Launches Get Out the Vote Campaign
Posted September 28, 2018 by Chandler Schuette

Tuesday, September 25th was ‘National Register To Vote’ day, so the timing of the new MAP Campaign for Credit Unions Vote is perfect! Did you know that 44% of registered voters are credit union members? That is why we created the website,

The website serves as a resource for people to find out where they can vote, how they can vote early, and/or register to vote, if they are first time voters. Your credit union can participate in the latest MAP Campaign, “Credit Unions Vote.

We have a sample email encouraging your members to vote in the upcoming election There is no advocating for one candidate or another; we are merely urging credit union members to exercise their civic duty. 

Even though the campaign will only be for a few weeks (until Election Day), it is still important for credit unions to participate. Our research has shown that credit union members like to hear from their credit union on issues important to them. Reminding someone that their vote really does matter can be impactful.

If you are not familiar with MAP, the Member Activation Program, it is a program that helps credit unions communicate with their members on advocacy issues that are important to credit unions, like data breaches, reducing regulatory burden, or protecting the credit union tax status. If you are interested in finding out more about this program, you can visit or contact Adam Engelman.

Another MAP Campaign that is currently active is the “Stop the Data Breaches” campaign. As data breaches become more commonplace and Congress has yet to enact legislation, credit unions have a great opportunity to educate their members on the true impact of data breaches. Not only do these breaches affect individual members, they affect the credit union and other financial institutions as a whole. Merchants need to be held to the same data security standards as credit unions and other financial institutions. We need to let Congress know they need to act now.