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CUNA's Chief Advocacy Officer Sends Email to Hill Prior to 5000 CU Advocates Arriving for GAC!
Posted March 07, 2019 by CUNA Advocacy

CUNA's Chief Advocacy Officer, Ryan Donovan, sent an email to all 535 Congressional offices prior to the start of the 2019 Governmental Affairs Conference that kicks off this weekend!  In the email, he highlighted a few keys things:

  • There are 115 million Americans of every race, religion, occupation and income bracket that rely on credit unions;
  • Over 5,000 credit union advocates will be on Capitol Hill next week; and
  • Gave Congressional staff a preview of the 2019 credit union advocacy agenda.



For credit unions, our members are our communities. In every state and every congressional district, 115 million Americans of every race, religion, occupation, and income bracket rely on credit unions to advocate for their financial futures.    
Next week we're bringing credit union advocates from all 50 states to Washington as part of CUNA's annual Governmental Affairs Conference. That's over 5,000 credit union professionals and volunteers that will be hitting Capitol Hill to meet with every single Congressional office.   
What will our message be? It's simple. We'll share our 2019 credit union advocacy agenda to illustrate the credit union difference.  
Credit Union Difference Statistics

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that put the financial well-being of members first. Members aren't customers, they're the owners of our financial institutions. It's this ownership structure that makes us different from other financial institutions. The bottom line is we put members first. We are driven to provide our members with affordable, safe and responsible products and services. And we are motivated to protect and respect our members' data.   
In addition, when profits are shared at the end of the year, they go to your constituents - not executive boards and shareholders - in the form of dividends, lower loan rates, higher interest rates, and more. But like banks, credit unions are secure, regulated, and insured. Credit unions provide $12 billion in financial benefits to members annually. 
Credit unions not only improve members' financial prospects, but also help increase the overall economic well-being of the neighborhoods where they live and work.  
We look forward to meeting with your office next week and sharing how the credit union difference is helping your constituents.   

Ryan Donovan 
Chief Advocacy Officer
Credit Union National Association