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Comments submitted to FCC in response to FCC's request for input on call blocking
Posted January 29, 2020 by CUNA Advocacy

CUNA submitted a comment letter in response to the FCC's request for input on call blocking. The information provided is being used by the FCC to generate its first staff report on the deployment, use, and effectiveness of the newly implemented call-blocking regime. In the comment letter, CUNA reiterates concerns about the use of call blocking technologies to block or mislabel the legitimate, and often critical, calls that credit unions make to the members--such as calls notifying the member of potentially fraudulent activity with their account.  As a result of the potential for harm, the letters urges the FCC to adopt an effective challenge mechanism and goes on to explain that, in order to be effective, the challenge mechanism must require use of real time notifications of call blocking, readily ascertainable contact information to lodge concerns with providers and trigger a review process, and a commitment to promptly resolving erroneous blocking.