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Email to Congress: Credit unions invest in people, not profits
Posted January 16, 2020 by CUNA Advocacy

Yesterday, CUNA continued outreach to Capitol Hill in an email to all 535 Congressional offices from Chief Advocacy Officer, Ryan Donovan.  This email aligns with CUNA’s advocacy focus for 2020, highlighting to policymakers the difference credit unions make for their members every day. 

Credit unions advance communities

Good afternoon,

The communities across your state are made stronger by the people who live, work, and thrive there. For the credit unions calling those same communities' home, the primary goal is ensuring that their neighbors—your constituents—can thrive financially.  

That’s because credit unions, as not-for-profit financial cooperatives, are committed to keeping earnings local by reinvesting in their members and communities, rather than sending profits to faraway investors.   

Credit unions provide over $18.9 billion in financial benefit to American consumers annually through higher savings and returns, lower rates, and fewer fees. That’s money that helps your constituents start their small business, build their rainy-day fund, or buy their first home.  

With over 115 million members nationwide, America’s credit unions are committed to advancing communities across the nation. I look forward to working with your office to strengthen this partnership in 2020.  
To a monumental year, 

Ryan Donovan
Chief Advocacy Officer
Credit Union National Association