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Former CUNA attorney nominated for General Counsel at HUD
Posted June 09, 2021 by CUNA Advocacy

Damon Smith, who previously served as CUNA Senior Director of Advocacy and Counsel, was nominated Wednesday by President Joe Biden to serve as General Counsel at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). A Senate-confirmed position, the role serves as the agency’s chief legal position.

Smith, in his role at CUNA, contributed to regulatory analysis for CUNA’s advocacy team, particularly relating to housing policy and finance issues. Smith left CUNA in January 2021 to serve as the acting General Counsel for the agency.

“We couldn’t be happier for our friend and former colleague, Damon,” said Ryan Donovan, CUNA’s Chief Advocacy Officer. “He is an accomplished attorney who has and will serve HUD very well. We congratulate him on his nomination.”

He also previously served as the Acting General Counsel for HUD in 2014.