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Lame Duck Congress Returns to D.C.
Posted November 11, 2016 by Ryan Donovan

Next week, Congress will return for a lame duck session.  While the House is scheduled to be in session 16 days and the Senate 20, this is the type of session that will extend until the must-pass work is done.  You may recall that four years ago, Congress worked into the very late hours of New Year’s Eve.  As a result of the election, we do not expect that to happen this year.  In fact, given the outcome of the election, this lame duck session may earn its moniker.

The most significant priority – and perhaps the only true must-pass item – will be a funding resolution (CR) that keeps the federal government operating past December 9.  Last week, we began to hear that Congress is likely to consider a three month CR.  This will give the new administration some time to be a part of the discussion on funding levels and also moves the funding debate into alignment with an expected debate on raising the debt ceiling.

While Congress works on its end of the year agenda, new Members of Congress arrive in Washington this week for orientation and the party caucuses will hold leadership elections.