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NCUA Board Meeting and Budget Briefing Scheduled for Next Week
Posted November 15, 2019 by CUNA Advocacy

On Wednesday, the Board will hold a public briefing to discuss its proposed 2020 - 2021 budget. CUNA will be presenting at the briefing to convey our concerns with and support of aspects of the proposed budget.

On Thursday, at its monthly meeting, the NCUA Board will receive a quarterly report on the Share Insurance Fund, vote on a final “Second Chance IRPS,” and propose a rule on real estate appraisals.

We are supportive of the “Second Chance IRPS,” which would expand the de minimis exceptions for obtaining approval from the NCUA Board prior to hiring individuals with certain criminal convictions.

While we are unsure what the real estate appraisal proposal will look like, in early October we sent a letter to the Board urging it to increase the threshold for which an appraisal is required for residential real estate transactions. We are hopeful the Board will address our request at next week’s meeting.