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NCUA Chairman Metsger Initiates Board Briefings
Posted May 18, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

Earlier today, NCUA Board Chairman Rick Metsger announced that the Board from time to time will begin with a new procedural direction designed to allow Board Members to engage in discussion prior to the commencement of a rulemaking. Under the Administrative Procedures Act, the NCUA Board is prohibited from discussing NCUA business or action items outside of a publicly noticed meeting.

While the prohibition is an important protection for the public and the regulated industry, it is frequently a barrier for the board to complete background work on issues in an efficient manner. These publicly noticed briefings will allow the NCUA board a chance to talk about evolving issues, allow stakeholders to consider the discussions prior to the commencement of any rulemaking, and generally provide better visibility into the workings of the NCUA.

The first briefing is scheduled for the May 19 open Board meeting and will cover the NCUA’s plans to modernize the Call Report and Profile and the system for reporting and storing credit unions’ information. Chairman Metsger indicated he anticipates use of these Briefings in the future particularly when there is an otherwise light Board agenda.

The press release can be viewed here.