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TCPA Letter Sent Prior to House Committee Hearing

Prior to the House Judiciary Committee’s Constitutions and Civil Justice Subcommittee hearing on “Lawsuit Abuse and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act” (TCPA), CUNA sent a letter to Chairman Steve King and Ranking Member Steve Cohen that was entered into the record.   

In the letter CUNA explains how credit unions have become victims of lawsuit abuse due to technical violations of the TCPA.  Unfortunately, due to the potential resource drain of defending a lawsuit brought on technical grounds, many credit unions have stopped important informational communications to consumers.  The letter goes into further detail on the following: 

  • The Structure of Credit Unions Makes TCPA Class Action Litigation Nonsensical 

  • The July 2015 TCPA Order Has Created Litigation Traps for Credit Unions 

  • Conflicting Regulatory Guidance Increases Liability for Credit Unions 

  • The CFPB Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Arbitration Recognizes Small Financial Institutions Could be Harmed by Class Action Litigation 

CUNA has been very active advocating on behalf of America’s credit unions in order to receive an exemption for credit unions from the TCPA.  Over the last few weeks, CUNA has been engaged with a number of policymakers on Capitol Hill regarding  this issue and will continue to do so as Congress examines the TCPA and its unintended ramifications.   

In addition to working with Congress, CUNA has been active in outlining credit union concerns with the TCPA to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).