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TNC Legislation Enacted in Louisiana, Maine and South Carolina
Posted July 03, 2015 by CUNA Advocacy

Similar transportation network company (TNC) bills were enacted in Louisiana and Maine. Louisiana S 172 and Maine H 934 both require TNCs to notify drivers that their personal policies may not cover collisions that occur while drivers are using their vehicles for TNC related activities.  The new laws also permit insurance companies to exclude coverage for damage that occurs while drivers are logged into an TNC application. The Louisiana and Maine measures closely align with the model legislation developed by Uber and the insurance industry earlier this year.

South Carolina legislation differs from the model legislation in that it requires TNC drivers to notify lienholders that drivers will be using their personal vehicles for TNC services that may violate loan agreements. TNC drivers must also disclose to lenders all insurance coverage information provided by TNCs and maintain proof that their lienholder was notified.  With the recently enacted bills in Louisiana, Maine and South Carolina,  a total of 23 states have enacted TNC legislation this session.