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The 114th Congress Concludes Business
Posted December 11, 2016 by Ryan Donovan

The House and Senate have finished legislative business for the year and no committee business is scheduled.

In their final week, the House and Senate passed a "continuing resolution" to fund government operations at a relatively stable level until April 28, 2016.  The president signed the bill shortly after it was passed to meet the December 9th deadline of the existing continuing resolution.  This averts a government shutdown and delays the appropriations process well into the spring.

Credit unions scored many victories in the fiscal year 2017 appropriations process, including securing language to reform the CFPB and reduce credit union regulatory burden in the House Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill.  Unfortunately, the continuing resolution did not include these important measures.  Nevertheless, we will continue in our efforts to bring about meaningful regulatory relief for credit unions, including significant reforms to the CFPB.  We are excited to share more details regarding our 2017 advocacy campaign with you soon!