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The Week Ahead in Washington - August 7, 2017
Posted August 07, 2017 by CUNA Advocacy

The Senate left Washington last Thursday for its abbreviated August recess.  Both the House and Senate will return to Washington on September 5th.  No committee business has been scheduled in Washington for the remainder of the month although a few field hearings will be held around the country by various Congressional committees.  When the Senate returns, it will vote to confirm Timothy J. Kelly, of the District of Columbia, to be United States District Judge for the District of Columbia.  It is also expected to consider additional Administration nominees as well as the National Defense Authorization for Fiscal Year 2018.  Both Houses are expected to work on FY 2018 appropriations legislation, a budget resolution, raising the federal debt ceiling, tax reform, and possibly another attempt at health care reform. 

Just because Congress is in recess doesn’t mean that your CUNA team, or you, should let this time pass without taking this opportunity to meet with lawmakers and their staff, either in Washington or in their states and home districts.  Please view Friday’s special edition of the Nussle Report that gives a lay of the land regarding regulatory reform as well as tax reform.