• CPD Online System Requirements Health Check

    Click here to run a health check to ensure your PC all necessary system requirements.

    Hardware Requirements

    Windows MAC OS X
    Intel Pentium 333 MHz processor or equivalent PowerPC G4 1.25 GHz processor
    128 MB RAM 512 MB SDRAM
    Video graphics adapter – 1024x768 screen resolution or higher; 16-bit color setting or higher (compatible with 8-bit color) Video graphics adapter – 1024x768 screen resolution; 32-bit color setting

    Internet Browser System Requirements

    Please note: The upgraded version of CPD Online is compatible with IE10 and IE11 in native mode. If you're using either of these browsers and put your settings for CPD Online in compatibility mode, please follow the steps below to put your browser back into native mode before logging in to CPD Online.

    To remove websites from displaying in compatibility view in IE10 and IE11, click here.

    Browsers Supported Impacted Modes
    Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0 (native mode)
    • Learner
    • Manager
    • Administrator
    • Reporting
    Firefox 25 and 26
    • Learner
    • Manager
    • (other modes are not supported)
    Chrome 32 and 33
    • Learner
    • Manager
    • (other modes are not supported)
    Safari 7 (on MAC OS 10.9)
    • Learner
    • Manager
    • (other modes are not supported)

    In order to take full advantage of the sound, animation and graphics included in the courses, we ask that you download the following free web plug-ins. Some of these may already be located on your computer. You may download these yourself, or you may prefer to have your IT/IS department assist you with this.

    Java Applet Requirements

    Note: Java is required for SkillSoft courses within CPD Online only

    • Java build 1.4.2_03 or above must be installed on your pc (NOTE: Java Version 1.5.0_0, 1.6.0_0 and 1.6.0_18 have known issues and should be avoided)
    • Current Java Applet - Please check with your IT department for assistance; they can determine if your computer has this software installed. If your computer does not have this software installed, please click on the link below to install: http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp

    The following software are separate systems from CPD Online and contain their own unique system requirements. For further details, please see below.

    Articulate Storyline 2 Requirements


    GlobalMeet Requirements


    Quiz Create Requirements

    • IE7, IE8, IE9 or IE10 (Note: IE11 is not compatible with Quiz Create)
    • Firefox 4.x or later
    • Google Chrome 18 or later

    Trainers Portal Requirements

    • Files are all tested and formatted for use in Articulate Presenter and PowerPoint
    • Word documents are available as well as formatted PDFs. Allows user to take content and create their own files based on our CU specific content